Galliano Black Sambuca

Galliano Black is one of the most recognised Sambucas thanks to its distinctive tapered bottles and intense anise flavour. Serve it neat, on ice, added to coffee or as a flaming shot.

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Opal Nera Black Sambuca

Opal Nera is a smoother, tastier, lighter flavour sambuca. It's a blend of various distilled ingredients including green anise, star anise, elderflowers, elderberries, coriander and lemon peel (along with a few secret little treats) with neutral alcohol from beet, for a more natural sweetness. And for a final flourish, elderberry skins arte infused to give Opal Nera its distinctive, rich purple-black colour.

Galliano White Sambuca

Similar to the famous Black Sambuca from Galliano, the White has a lighter texture and a more open flavour. Such an aromatic drink can be enjoyed in many ways, but a favourite is neat alongside a coffee.