Banrock Station White Shiraz

Each and every Banrock Station wine wears a motto of 'Good Earth Fine Wine', they are a company of integrity and responsibility with a portion of proceeds from sales going to charitable organisations all over the world. The White Shiraz is sweet and fruity with flavours of strawberry and raspberry. A very refreshing style which should be enjoyed well chilled.

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Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé

Jacob's Creek continues to produce fantastic wines at some incredible price points and their rosé is a prime example with it's lusicous palate of spicy cherry with a hint of fruit sweetness.

Jacob's Creek Cool Harvest Shiraz Rosé

Harvested in the middle of the night, Jacob's Creek Cool Harvest Shiraz Rosé is bursting with ripe, berry fruit, almost like biting into a fresh, summertime raspberry! Picked in the early hours to capture the freshest flavours and acidity, this Rosé has lovely spice and quince with a resounding long, full-fruited finish.

Arrogant Frog Ribet Pink Syrah Rosé

Exclusive to Dan Murphy's, the Arrogant Front Ribet Syrah Rosé from the South of France is bright cherry pink in colour, has lifted floral aromas with ripe cherry and strawberry flavours and a pleasantly dry finish. Excellent with picnics!