Orchard Thieves Dark Fruit Cider

An expert blend of blackberries and blackcurrants along with Orchard Thieves crisp apple cider. This mix is deliciously sweet and is perfect for serving over ice, or from an ice cold bottle.

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Little Fat Lamb Strawberry & Lime

Australian born and bred, Little Fat Lamb Strawberry and Lime offers a full refreshing strawberry taste with a touch of lime. Best served over ice with a pinch of mint.

Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry & Lime Low Sugar

Deliciously crisp, with a citrusy finish and a fragrance of fresh picked strawberries. This low sugar, low carb and lower calories version of our much loved strawberry-lime, is a lighter choice with a flavour-led experience. It's perfect served cold over ice with a wedge of lemon. For a fresh twist, add lemongrass as well as a wedge of lemon.


Evoking the spirit of rosé, Rekorderlig Blush Rosé is light and refined striking a glance between sweet and dry.Blending red berries and a dash of sweet peach, to deliver a refreshing fruitiness that you would expect from Rekorderlig, with the dry finish of a rosé wine.

The Hills Cider Company Tropical Sour Cider

This cider displays a perfect balance of handpicked Adelaide Hills apples co- fermented with Queensland mango & pineapple. Carefully crafted to display qualities of a traditional sour with apple sweetness on the back palate, reinforced by the depth of tropical flavours that only fresh Queensland pineapples and mangoes can deliver. The apples provide great structure and a solid acid backbone. The introduction of pineapple and mango lush out this cider with great mouthful, depth and a tropical complexity.