Glengoyne 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Glengoyne leave their finest sherry casks almost entirely to their own devices for 30 years. Almost, but not quite. Twice, perhaps three times in three decades, the malt master will taste this ongoing alchemy of cask and spirit. His aim: to hand-select only the best sherry oak casks.Aromas are rich and enticing; iced cinnamon rolls, orange boiled sweets, fresh sweet oak with raisins and the faint hint of mint. A silky texture on the palate coats the mouth with banana, berry jam, malt biscuit and classic sherry oak depth. pleasantly long and balanced with ground spice, dried fruit and soft scottish tablet finally unveiling the merest wisp of peat smoke.

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Glenfiddich 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

30 years of maturing in the finest Sherry and Bourbon casks have produced an extremely complex Scotch, with mind blowing aromas and breath-taking flavours. A truly unique product that must be tried once in this lifetime.

Glen Moray Mastery Single Malt Scotch Whisky

In celebration of Glen Moray's 120th anniversary, the distillery released the limited edition Glen Moray Mastery. Crafted by their Master Distiller Graham Coull, this single malt was made using five different vintages of their whisky, with only 1,000 bottles produced.

Clynelish Select Reserve Second Edition Scotch Whisky

This is the second edition 2015 release of Clynelish Select Reserve, made from hand-selected casks aged for at least fifteen years, and often far more. The whisky is an outstanding and unusually fragrant example of this robust classic that has an unexpected spicy complexity: beautifully balanced, structured and focused, both at cask strength and when smoothed out with water, it's precise, with a clean, well-shaped nose, and is delightfully rich yet also drying in palate and finish. Only 2,946 individually numbered bottles world-wide.

Clynelish Select Reserve Scotch Whisky

A very complex whisky that moves smoothly from waxy high notes of rich fruit and sweet butterscotch, through deep warmth, to the silky, dark dryness of an aromatic finish. Evocative, confident and joyful, it is astonishingly fresh yet speaks of the past, layering the classic coastal ozone, brine and peat with fragrant, fruity complexity and sweet warmth and even easier to enjoy with water, which exposes its lighter side and raises more elegant layers of creamy flavour.