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Rocky Jones Pink Gin

This gin has been crafted using both maseration and infusion methods to create a rose pink colour. The colour comes from grapefruit, pomegranate, blood orange, lemon and organic rose petals. We recommend a garnish that is not too overpowering such as cucumber. Conveniently, it is not necessary to squeeze lemon or lime as it is already packed with citrus. Enjoy this gin with tonic, in a cocktail or on the rocks.

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Brogan's Way Evening Light Gin

Distilled in Melbourne by Brogan herself, Evening Light Gin is her fresh and fruity, easy drinking gin. Gentle and zesty, she like to think of it as new age Australian gin. Unique botanicals such as fresh mangos, fresh raspberries and organic white grapefruit juice form a fruity and unconventional backbone, complimented with sweet piney juniper and warm cassia. refreshing strawberry gum and river mint shine through. Tasting Note: Lighter and more delicate in flavour, not alcoholic strength. With a gentle piney juniper and dry coriander seed base lifted up by fresh Australian mangos, raspberries, and white grapefruit juice to create a lively character. Highlighted by the delicate floral flavours of red rose petals and lavender, and warmed by cassia bark. Australian native botanicals of strawberry gum, lilli pilli and river-mint give a gentle, sweet, berry like element and deliciously refreshing. Superb in a G&T, terrific in fruity cocktails and easy to drink with soda water.

Great Ocean Road Gin Distillery Creek

This fresh bright contemporary dry gin features orange as its citrus base, giving a lovely orange aroma on the nose. Named after an illicit distillery in Aireys Inlet back in the late 1880's, this gin features four local botanicals - coast tea tree, riberries from the lillypilly tree, wild fennel and river mint. The local botanicals bring an earthiness and soft herbal finish, to complement the juniper and citrus.

Great Ocean Road Gin Guvvos

Guvvos is Great Ocean Road's signaure gin. It is juniper forward and bursting with citrus. Guvvos is a local surf beach located outside Anglesea where the kelp featured in the gin is foraged. There are 24 botanicals in the gin, nine local to the Great Ocean Road. These include coast daisy, salt bush, hop wattle, pigface, kelp, indigenous eucalypts and a local honey. It is a clean bright luscious citrus gin with savoury ocean notes from the coastal ingredients. It has crisp clean juniper well balanced with a lovely hint of honey on the back palate.

Great Ocean Road Gin Split Point Navy Strength Gin

Split Point gin has a soft subtle delicate nose, teasing out the botanicals in an enticing release. a beautifully balanced gin across the palate. sweet upfront, revealing good juniper notes through to a wonderful finish.

Big Tree Distillery Blueberry Thrill Gin

Seasonal Blueberry Thrill Limited Edition Gin made with delicious locally grown Blueberries, a delightful slightly sweet fruit gin. Serve it on the rocks or with bubbles or as a G&T.

Big Tree Distillery Elegant Dry Gin

Deliciously smooth, with citrus and juniper this is Big Tree's traditional GiN. Traditional in flavour, making a good well rounded G&T. Beautifully aromatic and smooth the Elegant Dry Gin is our classic shout out to the London Dry Gin style. Made on the farm in the Macedon Ranges 16,833km away from London. Full of flavour with floral notes, well-rounded and balanced that is just lovely in a G&T.Made with fresh rain water collected off the farm, juniper, orange peel, cardamom, orris root, cassia bark, coriander, star anise and angelica.Serve as a G&T using a good quality tonic with either a slice of dehydrated blood orange or a twill of fresh orange peel and ice.

Three Foxes Organic Rosella Gin

NOT JUST ANOTHER GIN. Bright, floral, and refreshing. Our Organic Gin flaunts a bouquet of wild Rosella hand-picked by the finest unicorns and mischievous elves in the wonderlands of West Heidelberg.

Tiny Bear Sailor Gin

A bold driven Navy, with a powerful punch of Juniper, tart notes from full fresh oranges and spice from cardamom and clove. Best served as a slow sipper with a slice of orange and a clove. Is great in cocktails due to it powerful flavour profile.

Rocky Jones Salted Caramel Gin

This gin has rested in French oak barrels for several months. The caramel aroma and flavour is derived from the natural sugars of the barrel. This gin is smooth and displays strong flavours of caramel, vanilla and honey. Enjoy this gin on the rocks, with a splash of soda or ginger ale.

The Little g Gin Co. Gin

Indulge in the luxurious taste of The Little g Gin Co.'s premium gin. Expertly crafted with a blend of aromatic spices, including cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, this gin is elevated by the addition of rich liquorice and bright notes of grapefruit and orange. Each sip is a symphony of flavors, making it the perfect choice for the discerning gin connoisseur. Experience the ultimate in premium gin with The Little g Gin Co.