Talisker Skye Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Isle of Skye is renowned for its rich, varied landscape from its soft, serene shores to the dark, jagged peaks of the Cuillin mountains. Talisker Skye is the distillerys ode to these appealing contrasts, with a smoky sweetness, maritime notes, and a spicy edge.Best served in a Rocks Glass, neat or with a little water.

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Peat's Beast Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Bold with plenty of backbone as this monster unfolds its fiery fangs on your palate. & not for the feint hearted. Take a generous mouthful . Hold it long in your mouth allow the thick tar peat smoke and creamy liquorice to penetrate every part of your tongue. A rugged fusion of sea spray, bonfire smoke, damp earth and spicy cinnamon immediately arouses the senses. Powerful aromas of peat moss and wet grass before notes of crushed pear apple and freshly baked bread provide the prefect finish

Tamdhu Batch Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky

NOSE: Spiced oak, warming vanilla and freshly shelled nuts. PALATE: Summer berries and cream. A splash of water brings out warm biscuits, oak spice and candied orange. FINISH: Rich spiciness, sultanas, citrus zest and brown sugar.

Bowmore No 1 Whisky

From first fill of bourbon casks creating a creamy, sweet and smoky single malt whisky is Bowmore No. 1.

Clynelish Reserve House of Tyrell Single Malt

House Tyrell of Highgarden rules over the Reach, the lush and fertile region of Westeros. Like the Reach, Clynelish is positioned among green pastures and rolling hills, with scenic views of the North Sea. This vibrant, golden Scotch is light and floral, like House Tyrell, its not to be underestimated with its underlying complex combination of Highland and maritime qualities. Bursting with fresh tropical fruits like papaya and mango that subsides into a creamy vanilla character. The finish is slightly maritime in quality with a delicate floral note.

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish uses only the finest Oloroso casks to mature this extraordinary single malt. The Elgin Classic's unmistakable vanilla and light oak is still evident but, with vibrant dried fruit and earthy, nutty notes of the sherry, the finish is multi-faceted.