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Château Climens Barsac

Château Climens is regarded by many as the regions best wine after Yquem. Although it is slightly unfair to compare them due to their inherent differences in style and approach. Climens are known for elegance, purity and freshness, while Yquem is known for concentration and lusciousness. The 2009 vintage throughout Bordeaux can only be described as 'perfect' - Barsac in the south was no different. A wine for the ages that will repay those willing to cellar this sweet wine gem ten fold.
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Château d'Yquem Sauternes

Château d'Yquem is the indisputable worlds greatest sweet wine. This fact was known when the original 1855 classification of Sauternes was released and saw Château d'Yquem given a category all on its own, premier grand cru, which it still holds. Since 1593, only two families have owned the prestigious Château that sits in a commanding, fortress like, position overlooking most of Sauternes. Only highly skilled and permananent workers tend the vineyards that produce fruit of compelling concentration and intensity. The resulting wines can begin to be enjoyed after seven or eight years, but in good years, like the 2000 vintage, the wine can last much, much longer.

Château Coutet Barsac

With a family history that dates back to the middle ages, Château Coutet continues to produce elite quality dessert wines of the Barsac appellation. Peaches, apricot and marmalade on the nose framed by a sweet and dense palate with long, lingering length. Characteristic reflective of the great vintage conditions of 1975.

Château Nairac Barsac

Château Nairac has a romantic tale that surrounds the emergence of Nairac as a supreme Barsac producer. Tom Heeter came to work at Château Giscours from the United States and he fell in love with the daughter of the house and after spotting that Château Nairac was up for sale, promptly bought it set to making powerful Barsac sweet whites using traditional methods.

Château de Rayne-Vigneau Sauternes

Château Rayne-Vigneau produce both a dry and sweet white wine on the estate with the sweet style taking all the accolades in recent years. Great vintages like the 2009 can produce a wine of sheer opulence and concentration. Layered honey, apricot and orange zest are all tighly packed in a Sauternes that is a perfect match for intense cheeses and flavoursome desserts.

Château Rieussec Sauternes

Château Reissec is a classic Château that sits high on one of the most elevated sites in Sauternes. The classic Château have produced wines of extreme elegance that are highly regarded of the best of the region. Less unctuous as others, Rieussec have outstanding bouquet, defined individuality and breathtaking concentration of flavour.

Kracher Beerenauslese Cuvee

This Austrian Cuvee sweet wine that is dark golden colour with aromas of peach and apricot along with drippy honey comb and some vanilla. It has a nice creamy body with hints of apricots and pineapple and peaches. The sweetness is not overwhelming.

Château de Fargues Sauternes

An ancient winery within the legendary region of Sauternes in Bordeaux's south, Château de Fargues uses minimal intervention to produce their wine of great concentration. The '75 showcases its evolved characteristics, displaying a bouquet of apricots, honeycomb, coconuts and lemon zest lead to a flavour focused palate and lingering finish.

Château Sigalas Rabaud Sauternes

Château Sigalas Rabaud uses a hand selecting process called 'trie' to selected the ripest fruit possible for their Sauternes and this process is carried out four of five times. This attention to detail provides a Semillon dominated sweet wine of not only concentration, but elegance and purity on the palate. The 2009 is a wine that cannot be considered in the sweeter end of the vintage, but is definitely one of the most powerful.

Château La Tour-Blanche Sauternes

Château La Tour-Blanche is a small estate producing only 4,500 cases each vintage of its delectable sweet white made from Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle. One of the first vineyards to be granted Premier Cru status, it has only been in recent years that the wines have begun to live up to the classification. With the 2007 threatening to be the best La Tour-Blance produced, it it definately one for the 2007 Sauternes collection.

St Stephan's Crown 5 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszu

Medium gold amber in colour, the nose bursts with orange peel, mint, cinnamon and figs. The palate is sweet and rich with cinnamon, apple and a grapefruit aftertaste. The sugar is balanced with deftly handled acidity leading to a clean finish.