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Calneggia DOC Prosecco Rose

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Brilla Prosecco

Typical crisp and delicate perlage, pale light yellow colour. Delicate and complex bouquet with fruity notes that remind of peach, green apple with second notes of acacia and lilac. Fresh and light on the palate, with balanced acidity and body; harmonic with a long persistent aftertaste. Ideal as an aperitif, it is a perfect combination to hors-doeuvres and delicate first courses. Also wonderful with sushi, fish and shellfish

Postcards from Italy Prosecco DOC

Postcards from Italy Prosecco DOC is a typical Italian Prosecco Spumante, floral, citrus and subtle mint aromas boldly pronounce this wine. On the palate it is savory with a light but zesty lemon finish, providing vibrant acidity.After centuries of living in the shadow of Champagne, Italy's sparkling Prosecco has taken the globe by storm. Champagne may have a corner on glamour, but the DOC and DOCG Prosecco has become universally beloved as an everyday bubbly, with an affordable price that belies its excellent quality and long history, and a crisp taste that makes it versatile enough to be used as a mixer, paired with savory dishes, or paired with a dessert.

Sensi Prosecco DOC 18k Gold

This striking limited edition GOLD bottle will be the easiest gift you give this year. It's no surprise to us that Prosecco is becoming so popular in Australia it's got the whole package. Fresh, lively, and loaded with fruit character, it is both the perfect aperitif and a standalone winner. From the north of Italy, Prosecco is one of the most approachable bubblies you can get your hands on. We have been on the lookout for the perfect Prosecco for a while and here it is. The Sensi is loaded with generous apples, pears and stonefruit, with a refreshing and dry finish.

Grant Burge Prosecco

A dry style prosecco with a lively natural effervescence. Characters of fresh pear, lemongrass and light honey.

Serenello Prosecco Superiore

Bright straw yellow with refined and persistent effervescence. Its bouquet is complex with scents of rose, jasmine, wisteria and acacia. On the palate, it has fruity notes of apple, banana, pineapple with mineral hints.

Sensi 18K Organic Prosecco

Fresh aromas of grapefruit and zesty lemon with flavours of juicy green apple and quince. Its balanced and crispy acidity makes this the perfect aperitif for any occasion.

Grant Burge Prosecco Rose

Blushing savoury pink in hue, this wine reflects the Prosecco style with rich red fruit on both the nose and palate, accented by dusky florals and sweet spicy notes.

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé

Brown Brothers have added the Prosecco Rosato to join the original, and much loved, Prosecco. In the glass there is a rose-gold colour and a soft nose of strawberry and apple skins. With the addition of a touch of Cienna to the Prosecco, the sparkling wine retains its trademark acidity while showcasing a softer, rounder side to the palate. Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosato is made to be enjoyed young while at its light and delicate best. (Limited edition bottle**)

Maison Prosecco

Maison Prosecco Rose