Carpene Malvolti Grappa Bianca

Clean, smooth, and a wonderfully dry finish, Grappa is best enjoyed neat as an after dinner drink. An ideal accompaniment to an espresso coffee.

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Piave Grappa

Grappa (literally meaning Grape Stalk) is the Italian spirit that is produced from distilling the skins, seeds and stalks of grapes after making wine, not the juice its self. Piave is aromatic and warming, making it a great after-dinner drink.

Luigi Francoli Grappa di Erbaluce

Luigi Francoli's Grappa di Erbaluce is made from the white rare Italian wine grape grown almost exclusively in the northern Piedmont. The characteristic of the grape provide just the right about of spicy notes over a wonderfully clean, dry finish. Enjoy neat as a digestif.

Luigi Francoli Grappa Riserva Nebbiolo da Barolo Barrique

Made from Nebbiolo aged in Barolo barrels, Luigi Francoli's Grappa Riserva has a beautifully round and refined palate, layered with notes of vanilla, tobacco and subtle spice. This elegant Grappa is best served as an aperitif or after a good meal.

Bovin Sv Trifun Premium Brandy

Bovin Sv. Trifun Premium Brandy Rakija Is a special mixture made of white wines, harmonious with ripe flavour and tempting aroma of caramel, tobacco and chocolate. To be served as aperitif or digestive

Povardarie Stara Lozova Zolta Rakija

Made by traditional Macedonian technology of maturing in oak barrel, which contributes for this brandy to be energising, strong and initiate special emotions and good mood.

Bovin Natural Yellow Grape Brandy Rakija

Natural yellow grape brandy produced by classical technology used for centuries from ancient Macedonians. To be served like aperitif or digestif.

Tbilvino Saperavi Chacha Georgian Vodka

Chacha Saperavi is made from selected Saperavi grapes by the way of distillation of grape pomace. Transparent in colour it has a pleasant aroma typical to Saperavi variety with hints of ripe yellow plum and almond. Chacha Saperavi boasts a light, velvety taste.

Tbilvino Rkatsiteli Chacha Georgian Vodka

Chacha Rkatsiteli is made from selected Rkatsiteli grapes by the way of distillation of grape pomace. Transparent in colour it has a pleasant aroma typical to Rkatsiteli variety with hints walnut and almond. Chacha Rkatsiteli boasts a light, velvety taste.