Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux Brut

Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux is sourced from the oldest sparkling wine producing region on the planet! In 1531, Benedictine monks from Saint-Hilaire were producing a still wine made from the Mauzac grape and stumbled upon bottles going through secondary fermentation. The appellation of Blanquette de Limoux was born! Still made in the same, traditional way today, Saint-Hilaire Brut displays aromatic flavours of peach, pear and green apple skins with a wonderful, full, creamy mouthfeel. Think non vintage Champagne for a fraction of the cost!

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L'Eglise Saint-Martin Blanquette de Limoux

Limoux - the town famous for producing the world's first sparkling wine back in 1531, the region that surrounds the town is still making extraordinarily flavoursome sparkling wines. The L'Eglise Saint-Martin, named after the 12th century church in Limoux, is the perfect example. Displaying flavours and aroms of ripe pear and Granny Smith apples along with a crisp and refreshing mouth feel.