Johnnie Walker Red Label & Cola

The famous Johnnie Walker Red label blended Scotch mixed with cola. Pre-mixed for your enjoyment!

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Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch & Cola Premium Strength

Everyone's favourite blended Scotch mixed with one of the world's most popular soft drinks.

Johnnie Walker Red Label & Dry

Johnnie Red Label Whisky is pre-mixed with dry ginger ale to produce this refreshing and slightly savoury beverage.

Highland Scotch & Cola

Highland Scotch and cola has had a loyal following for many years and it is easy to see why. Silky smooth and easy to drink.

Black Douglas Scotch & Dry

Three year old Black Douglas Scotch Whisky is mixed with dry ginger ale to produce this classic drink.

Black Douglas Whisky & Cola

Black Douglas Whisky and Cola, a timeless blended Scotch whisky. Great value for money.

Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban Scotch Whisky

This elegant non-filtered single malt is initially matured in Bourbon casks, then extra matured or 'finished' in Port casks, to create the chocolate, minty notes of The Quinta Ruban. A dense and complex Scotch.