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Where to buy the wines of Australia’s best young winemakers

If you like trying new wines, why not try something from Australia’s best young winemakers? Here are the retailers selling their wines.

Like a lot of people, we love trying new wines. We get to explore different flavours, understand more about wine regions, refine our palate, decide what we like and don’t like, and hopefully score a bargain too.

We also love lists that recommend new wines to try. However, one frustrating aspect is when you love the sound of a review but find it difficult to source the wine – particularly if it comes from a smaller retailer or direct from the winery. A lengthy trip to a wine region, or buying from an out-of-the-way retailer, or paying expensive postage can easily turn you off looking for new wines.

Recently, 50 young Australian winemakers were nominated for the 2017 “Young Gun of Wine” awards, and the wineries they work at are the basis of our list of new wines to try. Not familiar with many of the wineries on the list – but wanting to add something new to our drinking repertoire – we’ve compiled an easy list of where you, as an everyday drinking aficionado, can easily source them.

The list is divided into three sections. The first section lists wines available from Dan Murphy’s (as let’s face it, most of us find it easier to buy from the bigger retail chains). As most of the winemakers are from newer, boutique wineries, you won’t often find the wine stocked in major chains, so the second section focuses on Different Drop, a smaller retailer specialising in artisan wines. Finally, you can of course buy direct from the winery – if you’re brave enough to buy larger quantities of wine you’ve never tried before!

Dan Murphy’s

Dan Murphy’s stock a small number of wines from wineries nominated for the 2017 Young Gun of Wine Award:

Dan Murphy’s sell a big range in-store, but your best bet is to buy online, as the range of products available via their website is truly staggering. Dan Murphy’s charge very little for home delivery and delivery is free for orders over $300.

This is just a small fraction of the price data available at Midday Somewhere. Join Midday Somewhere for free and you’ll get price data for even more wines, spirits and beers.

Different Drop

The best place we found to source most of the wines was Different Drop, an online independent wine merchant specialising in artisan Australian wine. Amazingly, they stock most of the wineries nominated in the Young Gun of Wine Awards. Delivery is inexpensive and free for orders over $149. So you could put in an order of six bottles and most likely receive free postage – which makes shopping all the more easier.

Brands available via Different Drop:

That’s an amazing stock list for an online retailer – so, between those two retailers, it’s pretty easy to add something a little different to your drinking list.

Direct from the winery

If you’ve been counting to 50, you may have noticed that the above list is not entirely complete. There are a few wines where, if you want to try, you’re going to have to head to the winery itself or buy direct from the winery online. They are:

Happy Wine Tasting, and if you try something from one of the wineries above, let us know.