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7K Aqua Vitae Tasmanian Raspberry Gin

7K Aqua Vitae: Raspberry Gin is our latest gin; a sweet yet refreshing mixture created with Tasmanian-grown raspberries. These ingredients combine to create a harmonious taste that is rich on the palate, bringing a sweet and sensuous experience with each sip. With its rich red colour, and sweet raspberry finish, this gin can be enjoyed by itself on ice, or with a splash of sparkling water.

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Dasher & Fisher Ocean Gin

Tasmanian Coastal Gin, 12 botanicals that uncover an abundance of wakame seaweed from the chilly Tasman sea. Complex and layered, it has aromas of seaweed, ocean spray and fresh rose petals with saline notes, nori and jasmine.

Lark Symphony Blended Malt Whisky

Symphony No. 1 is the first blended malt from the House of Lark, representing a composition of exceptional Tasmanian single malt whiskies. Crafted from a symphony of complementary casks, Head Distiller Chris Thomson has expertly woven the complexity of American oak bourbon with the balance of sherry and heavier depth of port to form a creamy, oily melody of flavours; a malt whisky thats full of life from start to finish and carries the uncompromised signature of Lark Whiskya Tasmanian icon.

Launceston Distillery Peated Single Malt

Hartshorn Gin Sheep Whey

The aim with this Gin was to only use Tas native botanicals. I discovered some very impressive native berries, leaves and seeds however they could only be wild harvested which meant I could not get enough quantity to make it practical enough for an ongoing production. I have still been able to use some Tasmanian native botanicals however I have now broadened the list to only Australian native botanicals (plus the Juniper). Iam using 6 Native Australian botanicals with 3 of them never used before in any other Gin.All of my botanicals are vapour infused which is a technique not used too often with Australian Gins. Vapour infusion (as opposed to steeped) will give the Gin a much more delicate and subtle bouquet. My Gin is designed to smell beautiful. There will be delicate petal and citrus aromas with a hint of cut hay.

The Splendid Gin Mesmeric Distillers Strength

Building on The Splendid Gins classic signature tipple, the MESMERIC maintains a delicate balance of traditional botanicals with a renewed intensity of mandarin, navel orange and bergamot. A quadruple distilled grape spirit, blended with the purest of tasmanian spring water presents an exceptional foundation for your mixological masterpiece.

Hellyers Road Double Whisky

Taylor & Smith Dry Gin

The fresh spirit of Tasmanias ancient Huon Pine, iridescent abalone shell and pristine water.

Brocken Spectre Summer Gin

“I really thought I had an original idea, alas, no. Saffron gin has been done before in France. I think the Brocken Specter Summer Gin is the first Australian saffron gin we use 100% Tasmanian grown saffron and never add any coloring. For the base we combine 16 aromatics including juniper, coriander seed, lemon myrtle, strawberry gum, star anise and vanilla bean. This mix is added to a grape based spirit and left over night. This spirit/aromatic base re-distilled, after at full strength we add the saffron. After a few days the saffron stamens are completely white and simply strained out. The gin is gluten free, vegan and unfiltered. Try a summer gin with good tonic, fresh chilies and thyme!”

Hartshorn Distillery Saltbush Vodka Sheep Whey

A first for the world, this is a savoury vodka that works perfectly matched with your rich dinner meal. We have distilled the native Australian saltbush leaves along with our sheep whey vodka to create a salty spirit with a slightly sweet finish. This spirit is designed to be served as a savoury cocktail or neat with a savoury meal. Serving Suggestion: This spirit is designed to be served as a savoury cocktail or neat with a savoury meal such as a Wagu steak. It would also work great as a dessert with vanilla ice cream as this would be the salty caramel to match.

Hartshorn Distillery Strawberry Gum Vodka Sheep Whey

World first and only native Australian Strawberry Gum distilled Vodka. A rare distillation that stays true to Australia with a respectable and expensive native botanical to stay true to the Hartshorn brand's prestige. A fruity vodka made from the Native Australian Strawberry Gum. A distilled infusion of this beautiful gum creates a delightful almost berry characteristic to match perfectly with the natural creamy notes made by our sheep whey Vodka. Super fruity on the nose with a warm eucalyptus palate. The perfect vodka that 90% of Australia will enjoy. Serving Suggestion: This is fantastic to serve cold with soda water and a fresh strawberry garnish.