Redbank Prosecco

High altitude vineyards from Victoria's King Valley are the foundations of this pristine and flavoursome Prosecco from Redbank. True to its ancestral style in northern Italy, Redbank's Prosecco possesses a clarity of flavour and a super fresh acid crunch. Notes of nashi pear and lemon curd are prevalent, as this the super long finish. Enjoy as an aperitif, with a ceviche or pan-seared scallops.

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Brown Brothers Prosecco

With access to some of the very best vineyard land in the King Valley, Brown Brothers are able to craft an authentic Prosecco with all the hallmarks this style has become famous for. The elevated terroir produces a sparkling that is both crisp and gentle, with delicate lemon-pear flavours. Lively acidity through the palate complemented by a terrific long finish. The Italian influence here is for all to see. (Limited edition bottle**)

Sensi Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Platinum


Brown Brothers Prosecco Spritz

Prosecco Spritz is best enjoyed with great friends, a large wine glass, ice and a generous orange segment. For food, share plates are best. Think Szechuan pepper seafood bites with a wasabi mayonnaise. Charcuterie with sun dried tomatoes and marinated artichokes.

Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco

Pucino is the ancient Roman name for Prosecco. Dal Zotto recreate that ancient style here by using the charmat method to delivery a Prosecco of true richness and complexity that is perfectly suited to a wide array of occasions. Enjoy as an aperitif or alongside some freshly shucked oysters.

Revino Prosecco DOC

Gentle white peach and jasmine notes combine in the glass in this delightful summer bubbles. Approachable and crowd pleasing, this is the perfect thing to serve your guests if you need to impress!

Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé

Brown Brothers have added the Prosecco Rosato to join the original, and much loved, Prosecco. In the glass there is a rose-gold colour and a soft nose of strawberry and apple skins. With the addition of a touch of Cienna to the Prosecco, the sparkling wine retains its trademark acidity while showcasing a softer, rounder side to the palate. Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosato is made to be enjoyed young while at its light and delicate best. (Limited edition bottle**)

Jacob's Creek Prosecco Spritz

Jacob's Creek Prosecco Spritz is a refreshing take on the classic aperitivo, made with crisp Prosecco blended with blood orange, botanicals and a twist of bitters. This sophisticated, ready-to-serve product is best served over ice with a slice of grapefruit which beautifully compliments the bitter sweet citrus notes. It's the perfect, stylish accompaniment when catching up with friends for an afternoon celebration or getting ready for a night out.

La Marca Prosecco Non Vintage

The La Marca Prosecco is a fresh tasting sparkling wine offering a vibrant bouquet of golden apple, white peach and honeysuckle, highlighted by a pleasant acidity and soft, harmonious fruit notes.

T'Gallant Sparkling Prosecco

From everyone's favourite Mornington Peninsula comes this very vibrant delicate dry style Prosecco. TGallant Prosecco is fresh and dry with aromas of citrus, apple and pear leading to a bright and zesty finish. Vibrant with a delicate sparkling bead, this sparkling wine makes a great aperitif or complement to antipasto, cured meats, subtle cheeses and seafood.

Zonin Prestige 1821 Prosecco

Pale straw yellow with greenish highlights. This Zonin DOC Prestige 1821 Prosecco has intense fruits on the nose, especially with notes of green apple, lemons and grapefruits. It has a pronounced aroma of wisteria in bloom, acacia and elder flowers. It has a lovely acidity and fresh flavour till the finishing note. A beautifully made wine to enjoy in most occasion.