Langhorne Creek Area Red Blend

A decadent, sensational wine that truly reflects the best of an outstanding region, bringing together Langhorne Creed's best grape growers to showcase the best the area has to offer.

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Vasarelli Pasquale's Selection

Pasquale's selection is made from the very best parcels of fruit off the oldest vines, and only during the best vintages. We've had to wait a couple of years for this release, but it's been worth the wait - the palate has great depth and complex spicy fruits and ripe plums with hints of black cherry and chocolate following on. Flavoursome and lingering, it will pair wonderfully with big hearty dishes.

Taltarni Reserve Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Crafted using traditional French winemaking practices along with innovative Australian winemaking methods, Taltarni Reserve Shiraz Cabernet is a scintillating blend of 55% Shiraz and 45% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Poured into a glass, the wine flaunts a rich red colour with a lively hue. The well balanced nose exudes dried herb fragrances, in addition to delightful blackberry, chocolate and aniseed characters. These attractive aromas reflect on the complex and elegant palate, leading to a long and persistent finish. This red wine has a cellaring potential of a few decades. Savour it with Burgundy beef stew, simple meatballs, or braised beef short ribs.

Finniss River Block Reserve Shiraz Cabernet

Deep in colour, the nose is vanilla, redcurrant, prune and smokiness that carries through the palate, complementing the black fruits, cranberries and black plums and rounded out by balanced tannins.