Moonlight Meadery Flutter

Metheglin (Honey & Spices): Ginger - Bold, juicy ginger flavor reminiscent of pickled ginger greets the palate and fades to a sweet honey finish. Simply delicious. This mead pairs fantastically with shrimp, sushi, or any number of Asian dishes. Semi-sweet

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Maxwell Spiced Mead

Displays a bouquet of honey and citrus, plus an added zest of cinnamon and cloves. These spicy characters are carried through on the palate, filling the mouth with a complex and satisfying array of flavours. Traditionally served hot (not boiling) to enhance its aromas and warm the soul.

Maxwell Honey Mead

Maxwell Honey Mead is made by fermenting pure South Australian honey, using one of the oldest recipes. It has light beewax mixed with cooked citrus aromas on the nose and hints of floral and apricot on the palate with a clean finish. Best serve chilled over ice or as a mixers to enhance the experience.

Maxwell Mead Liqueur

Mead is the oldest fermented drink known to mankind. Liqueur Mead is made by fortifying Mead with a neutral spirit and a selection of herbs and spices. After up to 3 years in oak barrels, it is ready to drink neat or over ice.

Moonlight Meadery Kisses

Melomel (fruit mead): Strawberries - As delicate as a kiss, this honey strawberry wine is sweet.  The strawberry is ever so lightly represented against the floral flavors from the honey.  Chill this mead down for an enjoyable crisp mead that will pair well with a salad or an after dinner treat. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Smitten

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Peaches - Peaches and citrus notes tantalize the tongue, balancing the honey to create a semi-sweet wine. This satisfying treat promises a succulent finish that like the definition of smitten, you will VERY much fall in love with. Semi-sweet

Moonlight Meadery Deviant

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Ginger - Devious, playful rebellion from the usual.  Uniquely refreshing, smooth blend of honey, apple and ginger. Slightly sweet apple and spicy ginger please from aroma to lingering finish. A little rebellion is good.... made from apple cider from Sunnycrest Farms in Londonderry, NH. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Stiletto

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Blackcurrants - Provocative statement of slick and sexy, blend of bold black currant with lighter tones of honey and apple sweetness. Pairs with rich, spicy Mediterranean cuisine, turkey, stews, steaks, curry and Italian meat sauce. Compliments cheddar, blue cheese, or camembert. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Iniquity

Cyser (Honey & Apple): Apple, Cranberry - A sinful double play on the senses.  A semi-sweet and smooth apple that leads us into temptation with a finish of light, tangy cranberry. Semi-sweet

Moonlight Meadery Sumptuous

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Mangoes - Made from honey and mangos, sweet but not overly so, smooth, wonderful complexity between the flavors and the long lasting finish, with a light body. Enjoy with spiced Mexican, Asian, and Indian dishes. Sweet

Moonlight Meadery Red Dress

Melomel (Fruit Mead): Red Currants - This little number is sweet and sexy, just the right balance between the honey and the red currants.  Enjoy this with a variety of dishes, like Durban curried chicken (a South African favourite), Moroccan lamb, or Beef Stew. Semi-sweet