This Ouzo was the result of merging special herbs and seeds, then the process of double distillation underwent in Vat 12. So where the name originates.

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Barbaresso Ouzo

A Greek classic beloved the world over, this delicious spirit makes a great digestive after al fresco dinners or BBQs. Ouzo's intense aniseed flavour is captured perfectly in every bottle of Barbaresso Ouzo.

Plomari Ouzo

Plomari combines the aromatic seeds and herbs of Lesvos with the Lisvori aniseed to distil a unique Ouzo. Its authentic special character brings 100 years of quality and tradition.

Akropolis Ouzo

Spices such as anise, mastic and badiane are combined in a unique mix with gives this Ouzo its distinctive rich aroma.

Ouzo 12

Ouzo 12 is the number one export ouzo in the world. Its delicious aroma and taste immediately transport the drinker to sunny Greece. Made according to the original recipe dating back to the 1880s, Ouzo 12 is produced using a unique blend of aromatic seeds, fruits and herbs combined with alcohol from molasses and non-synthetic anethol. Double-distilled to ensure the purest and finest product, Ouzo 12 goes through 16 successive pot stills before it is poured in your glass!

Tsantali Ouzo

Ouzo is the iconic drink of Greece and this Tsantali is as it should be. Light and fragrant, you could spend all afternoon sipping a cool glass.

Parthenon Ouzo

Parthenon Ouzo is distilled with the finest aniseed and traditional recipe of aromatic hearbs. Sip a chilled glass after dinner to aid with digestion and laughs.

Barbaresso Oyzo

Traditionally Greek, this Ouzo will have you dreaming of the Mediterranean coast with its intense aniseed flavour. Best served late in the afternoon with friends.

Katsarou Brothers Ouzo

A strong and aromatic aniseed aperitif, Ouzo captures the imagination of everyone who tries it. Try it in cocktails or in true Greek fashion: knocked back with a group of friends.

Metaxa Ouzo

Graced by an exceptionally refined and well-balanced taste, Ouzo by Metaxa is made with ten fine botanicals. They include those typically found in Ouzo, as well as some rarer, uncommon ones among them Masticha, praised for its aromatic qualities. Ouzo by Metaxa offers a uniquely wide range of enjoyment options: neat, on the rocks, or with a dash of water to release a swirl of flavours. It can also be the original twist to many cocktails.

Vittorio Spirits Ou7o -

Pronounced as Uzo or Ou-zo - Made from grapes and 7 herbs and spices. Most prominent flavour is Aniseed and Fennel. Double distilled to bring you purity of a smooth, aromatic and delightful drink.  Enjoy with an ice cube or mix it with a splash of cola, orange juice or any flavoured fruit juice drink!