Two Towns Adelaide Hills Pinot Gris

Two Towns wines are made from the finest grapes from two of South Australias finest wine regions the Barossa Valley and Adelaide Hills. These wines celebrate these two iconic wine regions and their landscape. The wine has good length, is expressive and has good purity. Fresh peachy, fruit and weight on the palate.

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Cradle Bay East Coast Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio from New Zealands Hawkes Bay wine region. Livley and floral upfront with balanced fruit and a thin film of acidity to round out an exceptionally refreshing wine.

Celso Pinot Grigio

Here is everything that has made Pinot Grigio so fashionable. Delicious ripe, peachy, pear fruit a soft palate kept refreshed by lively lemon zestiness. Far too easy to drink!

Curious Kiwi Pinot Gris

The Curious Kiwi has been on a fact finding mission to find the best Pinot Gris in New Zealand. He instantly fell in love with this wine's alluring combination of white pear, papaya and floral spice that is certain to satisfy anyone's curiosity.

The People's Pinot Gris

This Gris from the home of the long white cloud offers creamy pear notes, honey and hints of caramel with citrus and vanilla. The palate reflects the nose with it flavours of ripe pear and honey layered with guava. There is a creamy weight when drinking and it trails rich flavours of tangerine. Ideally suited to drink with with pasta, parsley and parmesan or poached salmon and wild mushrooms.

Te Henga Marlborough Pinot Gris

Drawn from specific blocks within the cool of the New Zealand's South Island this is true to both variety and style. Lifted aroma of ripe summer pears, musk and lanolin give way to a mouthful of wine that, along with plenty of stone fruit intensity, has real weight and texture. A surefire way to impress at your next dinner party.

Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio

From Venezia Giulia comes this mouthwatering example of the Grigio style with fresh Williams pear, green apple and lemon curd notes. Soft and long with a mellow viscosity, it's lean, full flavour is poised and in balance.

Kim Crawford Marlborough Pinot Gris

Oh yeah. Don't miss out on this sexy, slippery wine exuding lychees, nuts and nashi pears (and yes we do believe there's a difference nashis are light and crisp while still having a depth of sweet fruit flavour). Hints of caramel complete a quite enigmatic wine. Blue Gold | Sydney International Wine Competition 2018

Wolfberger Alsace Yellow Pinot Gris

In classic Alsatian style, this Pinot Gris exhibits floral aromatics on the nose, followed by a subtle touch of toasted bread. Rich and well balanced on the palate, this is a wine with great persistence, delicately flavoured with roasted notes and finishing with clean acidity and a touch of residual sweetness. This wine is amazing value and has been well worth the wait. We're certain you'll agree.

Nugan Estate Pinot Grigio

This Pinot Grigio is sourced from the Frasca's Lane Vineyard in Victorias cool climate King Valley. The wine displays fresh, lifted aromas of pear, apple and florals followed by a generous palate of pear, apple and honeydew with mineral and citrus accents and a crisp, clean finish.

Mud House Pinot Gris

A textural wine with ripe pear, quince and sweet spice aromas. The front palate is full and juicy and finishes with fresh acidity and a touch of fruit sweetness. Growing up in Blenheim (Marlborough, NZ) instilled Cleighten with a desire to create. A desire (fortunately for us) satisfied by vines and wine it also helps that he enjoys drinking it. Cleighten is adamant that respect goes a long way in the winemaking process: treating the fruit carefully and thoughtfully is paramount: If you dont, youll soon know about it. All in all, Cleighten makes makes wine to punch above its weight and says 'it must exceed (the individuals) expectation'. - Cleighten Cornelius Winemaker, Mud House.