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Martell VSOP Cognac

A smooth and mellow cognac that is a true cocktail of aromas, at once fresh, rounded and woody.

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Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac Lunar New Year

Maison Hennessy heralds a brand-new cycle in the Chinese calendar through a monumental composition by Yan Pei-Ming, one of the world's most celebrated and sought-after contemporary artists. For the first time ever, in 2023 Maison Hennessy ushers in the Lunar New Year by honoring not just a single, symbolic animal, but the entire Zodiac in all its diversity. In the hands of Yan Pei-Ming, a joyful celebration becomes a symbol of inclusiveness and hope, carrying a promise of forward momentum after a particularly challenging period. The animals' spirited race toward new horizons conveys a singular truth: "Together, We Go Further." The key to a perfect bottle of VSOP starts at the roots. A tradition of careful aging in hand-crafted French oak barrels develops an eaux-de-vie’s unique expression. From ugni blanc grapes to V.S.O.P, the beauty of this blend is in the selection. It’s through the process of blending that eaux-de-vie becomes V.S.O.P. This Cognac has flavours and aromas of French oak, vanilla, cinnamon, candied fruit, and clove.

Martell VSOP Red Barrel

A balanced cognac, marked by an oaky taste. Its time spent ageing in a barrel infuses it with complex aromas along with notes of caramelised dried fruits and prunes. This tone adds a number of rich qualities to a cocktail.

Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac

Rémy Martin is a family story of close to 300 years. Rýmy Martin VSOP is composed of eaux-de-vie coming exclusively from the most sought-after vineyards of Cognac: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Such eaux-de-vie offer exceptional ageing potential, and are blended into what is known as Fine Champagne Cognac.

Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac Non-Vintage


A brandy harvested and distilled in 2008, from the Grande Champagne terroir! A "young" Grande Champagne to discover! Tasting notes: Colour: a beautiful straw yellow colour Nose: Scents of rose, ripe pear, fresh fig. Palate: fruity, lively and exhilarating: muscat grapes, mirabelle plum... and deliciously greedy: madeleine, shortbread biscuits. Lovely supple finish on almond, and orange blossom - the oak, wonderfully integrated, brings just the right amount of roundness.


Subtil & So, the new VSOP Cognac Grande Champagne by Jean Fillioux. With the noble bottling, the house once again proves that the Grande Champagne, originally known for its old cognacs, can also produce excellent younger qualities. The proof: a coveted gold medal from the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondiale 2021 and a wonderfully harmonious profile of fruity freshness and warm spiciness. The 4 to 6-year-old VSOP comes from the picturesque La Pouyade winery, which has been family-owned since 1894 and is completely independent to this day. It is surrounded by 25 hectares of the finest white wine grapes. They thrive in the "Golden Triangle", the heart of Grande Champagne. They are cherished and loved in the fifth generation by Christophe Fillioux and his family, who are one with their vineyard. You can taste that in their extremely aromatic cognacs – and today they are valued around the world. Tasting Notes: Nose: fruity and delicately floral. Palate: Fresh figs and citrus blend with nutmeg, almond paste and orange blossom. Finish: Enjoyable and warming with subtle spice.

Francois Voyer Cognac GC XO Gold 20-30 Years

Tasting notes : Colour : Amber, with a touch of old gold. Aromas : Down among the flowers : touches of jasmine, clove pink, combined with the first flavours of fruits : peach, plums. The old maturation of this Cognac has given it its vanilla aroma and this light and sweet aroma that only an old Cognac has.

Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Cognacs, Hennessy has a tradition of producing Cognacs of the highest quality. The VSOP from Hennessy is the epitome of balance and class and is a blend of 60 different eaux-de-vie aged up to 15 years. Every aspect of this Cognac is perfectly proportioned and demands to be drunk slowly, unadulterated and savoured.


Courvoisier VSOP Cognac

A warm and delicate Cognac, Courviosier VSOP is considered to be one of the finest produced. A complex aroma of spice and oak, it then opens on the palate to reveal its true depth with almonds, vanilla and floral notes.