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Vickers Gin & Tonic - Related products

23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin & Tonic

Vibrant, dimensional and sparkling. A tonic for the more demanding palate. Classic bitterness and a calculated hint of sweetness hum along with the Riverland citrus and aromatics of 23rd Street Signature Gin.

Green Ant Gin

Traditionally favoured by Indigenous societies for their medicinal benefits and protein content, native Green Ants are a unique bush tucker hand harvested in the Northern Territory by the Motlop family of the Larrakia people. The Green Ants display vibrant coriander and kaffir lime leaf flavours, with a citrus and lime burst on the palate further enhanced by Finger Lime. Native Juniper (Boobialla) is evident in the floral, perfumed aromatics, while spicy notes of Pepper Berry balance the citrus flavours. Strawberry Gum, Lemon Myrtle and Anise Myrtle provide green, leafy herbaceous characters which replicate traditional English Juniper resin characters.

23rd Street Distillery Red Citrus Gin

The fresh burst of a halftime orange wedge from your childhood winter sport. Zesty Riverland blood oranges, cara cara navels and spicy botanicals are slow-steeped to extract every heart-warming drop of flavour. Riverland cara cara navels and blood oranges are harvested fresh for this distinctive gin. Balanced with juniper, pepper berry, coriander, cinnamon myrtle, camomile, and strawberry gum the botanicals are distributed across six botanical baskets and slow steeped in our sugarcane spirit for up to two days. Enticing aromas of orange, zest and slight musk awaken the senses. The palate begins with juicy citrus, followed by rounded spice, herbal intrigue, and zest. Delightful neat, exquisite with soda or however you please.

5Nines Distilling Wild Citrus Gin -

5Nines is a family owned small batch distillery based in the Adelaide Hills which focus's on using locally sourced ingredients. Nines Wild Citrus Gin is gently infused with three types of fresh South Australian citrus fruits (mandarin, lime & orange) alongside various spices (coriander seed, cloves & star anise), and adding a unique blend of botanicals sourced from around the globe. The citrus is peeled by hand in order to preserve its true essence, capture its unique characteristics and ensuring outstanding quality for you, the gin connoisseur. 5Nines - In search of perfection. #5ninesdistilling

36 Short Blood Orange Gin

36 Short Gin is flavoured with subtle aromatics of sweet herbaceousness, a spicy citrus lift with a hint of fresh pine and resinous notes.

Threefold Distilling Aromatic Gin

Inspired by the outdoors. A rich, flavour intense gin for both the casual and discerning drinker. A wonderful balance of citrus, savoury and floral notes. An underlying foundation of juniper supports an abundance of fresh citrus peel. Native wattleseed is used to create a rich, viscous mouthfeel while rosemary, pink peppercorns, pepperberry and lavender create a truly aromatic gin.

Threefold Distilling Summer Harvest Raspberry Gin

Made using raspberries handpicked in the picturesque region of Uraidla in the Adelaide Hills, Threefold's Summer edition is a refreshingly fruit-driven gin, dotted with subtle citrus and pepper. Pair it with Mediterranean style tonic, oranges and seasonal berries. 39% Alc./Vol.

Kangaroo Island Spirits O'Gin

Blind Tiger Organic Gin

In the 1920s Prohibition Era, a Blind Tiger was an establishment known to illegally sell alcohol, with a focus on celebrating the exciting flavour and taste of liquor cocktails, many of which were Gin based. Blind Tiger Organic Gin is distilled in small batches and is a complex, yet elegant and aromatic gin.

36 Short Rhubarb Gin

36 Short Rhubarb Gin. Made with South Australian Rhubarb, grown for Virginia Spirits. A delicately smooth gin enhanced with a distinctive floral and rhubarb bouquet giving it a crisp and refreshing finish to the palate.