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Gosling's Gold Seal Rum - Related products

The Kraken Spiced Rum

Named after a sea beast of myth and legend, The Kraken is unique Caribbean black spiced rum. Enriched with exotic spice notes of ginger, cinnamon and clove. The rich black colour takes its hue from the mysterious ink with which, as legend has it, The Kraken, a beast of epic proportions, covered its prey. While the smooth taste of the Kraken Rum lends itself to be enjoyed as sipping rum, it also tastes great as a key ingredient in a number of rum based cocktails, such as a traditional Kraken & Cola.

Bacardi Superior White Rum

The most famous white Rum in the world, Bacardi is sold in over 100 countries and used in countless cocktails. A light and clean spirit, Bacardi is filtered through charcoal for purity and aged in white oak for character.

Bundaberg U P Rum

First distilled in 1888, Bundaberg Rum is as Australian as it gets. Aged for a minimum of two years, this great rum made from 100% Queensland sugar cane shows evocative flavours of molasses and caramel.

Bundaberg Master Distillers Collection Small Batch Rum

Bundaberg's Small Batch edition is crafted by blending the finest Bundaberg rums with the richest aged reserves from the distillery, then matured in sweet cognac and brandy barrels. The result is truly a complex creation with exceptional fruit flavours and the perfect balance of vanilla, honey and spice. These bottles are limited with each MDC Small Batch release referencing its batch and bottle number.

Ron Obispo Rum

Ron Obispo is aged in small bourbon barrels of 200 litres where the maturation process takes place, adding the wood flavors to the existing licorice, honey, candied fruits and prune hints. The clove, nutmeg and vanilla spicy notes represent a trip back to the true roots of the genuine Cuban rums.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins was the father of old school tattooing and was a master craftsman whose artistry and integrity remain as timeless as the liquid that bears his signature. Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum is blended with local natural spices, namely Vanilla and Lime. Most definitely a rum that is

Bayou Rum Bayou Rum Single Barrel

For 300 years, the Bayou wetlands of Southern Louisiana have been sugarcane country - rum country.At the Bayou Rum distillery, we handcraft our rum in small copper pot stills from a unique blend of local molasses and fresh raw, locally sourced Lousiana sugarcane.Aroma: A hint of light smoky oak, followed by the unique peppery spiciness of rye whiskey. Deep down hints of a tropical rum richness that makes your mouth start to water.Taste: A creamy burst of spice and oak, followed by the quintessential taste of Bayou Rum! Honey, pineapple and a kiss of banana takes you back to the Bayou!Finish: Turns back to spice and a nice warmth. Black pepper, tobacco, along with marshmallow fluff and créme brulée.

Rockstar Spirits Banana Bomb Navy Strength Spiced Rum

Banana Bomb delivers ripe, tropical tastiness with banana, baking spices and salted caramel all bottled up at 57% ABV. This product was designed to deliver a world class Banana Rum. Banana Bomb like all Rockstar Rums mixes perfectly with cola, lemonade, or ginger beer. Banana Bomb is an extremely versatile cocktail spirit for all classic rum recipes but our favourite would be a legendary Banana Daiquiri.

Bundaberg Master Distillers Small Batch Vintage Barrel Rum

Small Batch Vintage Barrel is crafted by blending the finest Bundaberg Rum with 8YO rum reserves matured in 100 year old Port barrels. Vintage Barrel is a complex rum with exceptional dried fruit flavours coupled with rich caramel notes, and the depth of American oak.

Flor De Caña 12 Year Old Single Estate Rum

A sugar-free 12-year old, ultra premium rum that is full-bodied with a reddish amber color. It has aromas of red fruits, honey and toasted nuts and a flavor with notes of wood, vanilla and baked apples, with a smooth and well-balanced finish. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a splash of premium sparkling water.Flor de Caña is a sustainably produced and Fair Trade certified premium rum. From a 5th generation family estate, the rum is distilled with 100% renewable energy and naturally aged without sugar or artificial ingredients. Awarded "Best Rum Producer of the Year" (IWSC 17).