Mornington Peninsula Brewery Draught

Mornington Draught uses premium Australian malts to deliver a distinctly pure lager with a refreshingly full bodied flavour and an unmatchable clean crisp finish. Perfect for the Australian lifestyle and sharing with mates, this beer is truly drinkable gold.

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Bridge Road Brewers Beechworth Pale Ale

Hands on small batch brewing ensures Bridge Road ales are the real deal. An aromatic Pale Ale with an intense copper colour, floral hops and bitter hops are perfectly in balance. Best enjoyed out of a glass to get the full experience.

Bridge Road Chevalier Saison

Bridge Road Chevalier Saison is a popular brew traditionally made by farmers as a beverage for the hot summer months. Uniquely light straw in colour, with a tight bright white head. Aromas are dominated by esters and phenolic characters, owing to the Saison yeast strain, which also gives the beer its characteristic tart, dry and acidic profile.

Mountain Goat Pale Ale

Pine and stone fruit thanks to the use of Chinook, Mosaic, Cascade, Citra and Centennial hops. A well balanced and extremely drinkable American-inspired pale.

Bridge Road Brewers Chevalier Saison

Chevalier Saison is a popular brew traditionally made by farmers as a beverage for the hot summer months. This classic Belgian style beer is rarely seen outside of its homeland. Bridge Road Brewers had captured this unique style with its distinctive esters aromas and crisp clean taste on the palate.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Stone & Wood from Byron Bay have burst onto the craft beer scene with some fantastic hand crafted beers including this Pacific Ale which is jam packed full of fresh tropical fruit aromas and flavours. The quintesential summer sessional beer, it has crowd pleaser written all over it.

Zytho Brewing Tropical Haze

The Zytho Brewing team have featured Citra, Amarillo & Mosaic hops by the bucketload to create their latest release, a fruity, juicy mouthfull of tropical sunshine. Citrusy, tropical aromatics and clean bitterness are the hallmarks of this emerging style.

White Rabbit Dark Ale

Brewed out of the old 'Little Creatures' Brewery that was carted across the country from Fremantle, this great dark ale has a great intensity with sweet tones. Medium hops with caramel and toffee notes that lingers for considerable time.

Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale

More refreshing than a face full of Freo Doctor, this Gage Roads Single Fin beer is brewed with sun drenched summer days in mind: light-bodied and chock full of aromatic Galaxy and Enigma hops.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

A unique blend of premium hops drive an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma and flavour in this Pale Ale - balanced with a careful selection of speciality malts. Preservative and additive free, this beer is live-yeast conditioned in bottles and kegs, providing unmatched freshness and character. From brewing to release, a batch of Little Creatures Pale Ale takes about six weeks, allowing for two weeks conditioning in the bottle after packaging. No artificial additives are included, just great ingredients. Pour it into a glass to enjoy it at its best!

Feral Brewing Co Smoked Porter Can

While the image adorning this can of Feral Smoked Porter might seem a little scary at first, don't let that put you off! In fact, this Smoked Porter is quite smooth, rich and a little bit cuddly. A subtle hickory flavour from German malts smoked over Beechwood which gives this porter a truly special and unexpected character.