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Royale Marine Sparkling Rose Non Vintage

The sparkles are fine and delicate. The nose reveals notes of red fruit berries (strawberry and raspberry). The palate shows fresh and elegant notes of grapefruit and spices. Upon reception of the harvest, the grapes are macerated then pressed immediately in order to extract as much aromatic intensity as possible. The juices are then settled before fermentation takes place at 15 to 18 degress celcius. The second fermentation is made in thermo-regulated vats with regular less stirring. Ageing lasts for months in our cellars of Salon de Provence, which confers more finesse to the sparkles.
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Grandin Methode Traditionnelle France Brut Non Vintage

Apertif style sparkling with a fine bead, soft texture, notes of apple and pear, light, crisp and refreshing finish.

Paul Robin Cremant de Bourgogne Non Vintage

The golden yellow colour of this Cremant de Bourgogne its delicate bubbles highlight the finesse of its effervescence. Its fruity flavour with citrus notes expresses a great harmony that will enhance each moment of conviviality. It presents all its elegance during aperitifs or when served with poultry with sauce. We recommend that you serve it chilled at 7-8 degrees celcius. In order to respect the grape, harvesting is done by hand. We select the grapes from our 200ha of vines and also the range of wine-growing areas that Burgundy, an ideal land for fine wines, offers. When we receive the grape harvests, we only keep the first presses, richer and more complex, for this specific wine. Thanks to our pneumatic presses, we carry out slow pressing; this exerts less pressure and therefore produces better quality results. To maintain full control over the qualities of our wines, we carry out the vinification of our Cremants de Bourgogne ourselves. We are looking for expressive Cremants de Bourgogne which is why the level of residual sugar in our wine is 10g/L. In the same vein, we produce our blends using 20 to 25% reserve wines to give the wine more complex aromas.

Duc d'Henry Sparkling Blanc de Blancs Non Vintage

Very floral and fruity, this light-bodied sparkling wine offers notes of peach and apricot aromas on the nose. It shows lovely harmony, swathing the palate in crispy texture and a delicate mandarin orange, while well-meshed acidity keeps this fresh. A clean bubbly for easy sipping. Vineyard: Young plantation, in organic culture. Located in high altitude, vines are prematurely harvested then, grapes keep the freshness and the characteristics adapted to sparkling wines. Geology: Clay-limestone soil. Vinification: After the pressing, grapes musts are cleaned out and prepared under cold conditions during 24 hours. The fermentation takes place in low-temperature conditions. For a more intense freshness, the malolactic fermentation is not realised. Wines are then taken away and raised on fine dregs, before being stuck and filtered to prepare them for the second fermentation. Second fermentation and ageing: We stabilise wines be cold process to avoid any tartaric haste. The second fermentation is generated by the addition of yeasts and sugar. It takes place at 18C in stainless steel vats in order to ensure optimum homogenisation. During the second fermentation, our vats are provided with an agitator so that yeasts and sugars are in suspension. Just before the bottling, the wine is filtered under isobarometric pressure with microns filters.

Dopff & Irion Crémant Brut Blanc de Blancs Non Vintage

Light bubbles, subtle golden robe with silver tints, transparent and luminous. Aromas of sophisticated notes of apple, quince, fine herbs, and hint of tarragon, discreet cinnamon and saffron. Fresh and supple on the palate, refined with citrus notes, fruit and almond on the finish. The entire bunches of grapes are placed into a press via a conveyor belt, so as not to damage the fruit. The wine is carefully made at a controlled temperature. The obtained base wine is matured in vats for about 6 months before bottling and the addition of yeast to product carbon dioxide. This is done by adding a tirage liqueur made from yeast and sugar, in view of achieving a second fermentation inside the bottle. Our wines are matured on laths for 12 to 15 months, before being disgorged (to eliminate the deposits of accumulated yeast). This period of time is more than the 9 month minimum requirement for this appellation. All of our Cremants are "Brut". Indeed, when the disgorging is undertaken, the added sweet liqueur (called expedition) is limited to a concentration of less than 15 g/l of sugar to produce Cremants with a dry and elegant style. Along the lines of Champagne, the wines are not derived from a single vintage, thereby allowing us to blend the production of various years, depending upon their characteristics. The objective is that of obtaining an even standard of quality, despite the differences from one year to the next. Dopff & Irion was created in 1945, so just after the Second World War, by the merger of two wine families: the Dopff family and the Irion family. René Dopff was the son of Jean Gustave Dopff, winemaker in Riquewihr and whose family produces wines since the 16th century. He took care of the management and administration and his brother Julien worked mainly in the vineyards. Following a dispute between the two brothers, René left the winery and joined the Resistance. On his return to Riquewihr in March 45, René goes into partnership with Jeanne Irion, a major family name in the Alsatian vineyard, to create the company Dopff & Irion. After the merger, they joined their vineyards to form the 27 hectares that surround the village and they rebuild them. René Dopff wasthe pioneer to implement the grape variety according to the terroir. This method will allow to highlight the grape variety and the characteristic of the soil. Dopff & Irion wines were served at the Elysée Palace but also at Buckingham Palace. The reputation was at the time well established. Before the death of René, his son, Guy continued the management of the estate but he put the winery on sale for economic reasons in 1983. The Cave des Vignerons de Pfaffenheim, a prestigious cooperative and recognized by many international competitions, bought the Dopff & Irion winery in 1997 to perpetuate this beautiful heritage.

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