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Wheat Beer

4 Pines Aussie Wheat Ale 3 x Can Carton

Aussie Wheat Ale that pours light in colour and body with a slight haze that reminds you of golden days.Hop additions of Callista and Amarillo will pack a fruity punch of stonefruits, ruby red grapefruit, and raspberries complemented by a subtle citrus kick from small additions of yuzu peel.

Mountain Goat Aussie Wheat Can

Mountain Goat has been championing Aussie craft beer since 1997, putting our own spin on the classics from our first ever release, Hightail Ale - a modern take on English Amber Ales, to the original Summer Ale, and Steam Ale. 25 years on that innovative spirit has led us to our biggest challenge yet: reinvigorating a wheat beer for whole new generation of drinkers. Made with locally-grown wheat, this beer isnt just a riff on a classic; this is Aussie Wheat Beer. In the can you'll find a slightly hazy brew, with notes of mandarin and pear and a crisp finish that's immensely refreshing.

Matilda Bay Aussie Wheat Ale Can

Over 35 years ago Phil Sexton and the brewers at Matilda Bay introduced Australians to the wonders of wheat beer, the delicate, exotic flavours combined with that characteristically creamy and full mouthfeel. Wind forward the clock and were at it again, this is a wheat beer but not like you remember. Championing all Australian wheat and Australian Eclipse hops this bright and fresh brew is equal parts hazy and lively. Tangerine flesh, Seville orange, and silky full wheat, with subtle bitterness and a crisp tight finish. No need for a slice of citrus with this one.

Hoegaarden (Case)

Paulaner Weissbier Can

Green Beacon Mollyhawk Aussie Wheat Ale Can

During the golden age of sail, rounding Cape Horn was considered the ultimate test of character. On an annual mission to supply Aussie wheat to Europe, countless sailors took on this challenge during The Great Grain Races. Those that survived were known as the Mollyhawks. Packed full of Aussie wheat, naturally hazy and super pale. Aromas and flavours of juicy tropical fruit and fresh citrus.

Franziskaner Weissbier Naturturb Hefeweizen

Conditions are cloudy but the outlook is superb. This Bavarian masterpiece founded in 1363 has just as many reasons to flaunt its creativity. The bottle-conditioning creates a cloudy appearance when poured forms a foamy white long-lasting head. Fruity tones consisting primarily of bananas and apples turns this creation into a zesty experience

Green Beacon Brewing Co Wayfarer American Wheat

Green Beacon Brewing Co Wayfarer American Wheat is a smooth beer with tropical fruit flavour.

Colossal Brewing Astral Drift Wheat Beer Can

Float higher and higher on the weightless void of gravity and experience an out of world taste with Colossal Brewings Astral Drift. It is a new dimension of unexpected flavour as deep as a black hole and as exciting as a shooting star. Pale straw in colour with a light haze, this wheat beer sings with aromas of citrus hops, freshly baked biscuit malt while the palate is medium-bodied, with fresh and crisp citrus characters, baked bread flavours and a soft cloud mouthfeel finish with a hint of bitterness. Get on this Astral Drift of brewing excellence. We dare you to come down to earth with this.

Leffe Blonde (6 Pack)

Leffe Blond is a pale abbey beer, with a full, sunny, golden colour. It has a smooth and full bodied taste and a rich creamy head. Like all the Leffe beers, it is a connoisseur beer that is easy to drink.