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23rd Street Distillery

23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whisky

Head Distiller Graham Buller collected prime barrels of Scotch whisky and American Bourbon whiskey, with a dream of creating his perfect blend. The Scotch has an average of five years barrel maturation and the Bourbon two, while the final blend has gone back into bourbon barrels for finishing.

23rd Street Distillery Not Your Nanna's Brandy

Two years in a mix of French and American oak barrels, mostly ex-chardonnay, impart seductively rich colour, smoothness and length to this new generation brandy.

23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin & Tonic

Vibrant, dimensional and sparkling. A tonic for the more demanding palate. Classic bitterness and a calculated hint of sweetness hum along with the Riverland citrus and aromatics of 23rd Street Signature Gin.

23rd Street Distillery Pineapple & Lime Vodka Soda Can

Delivering the perfect balance of juicy fruit flavour and citrus punch, it is the perfect combination of refreshing, sweet, tangy, and quenching all in one. Sweet Australian Pineapple and Lime juiciness will take you on a flashback to paradise with this splice of fruity sensation. Pineapples are picked at their ripest to ensure their sweet flavour rounds out the tangy punch from the citrus. Fruity fun starts here.

23rd Street Distillery Riverland Yuzu Gin

The Artwork for this limited bottling of 23rd Street Distillery Yuzu Gin was created by local Artist Claire Ishino (SA), the inspiration is Japanese sunsets blending with our Australian climate and of course the Riverland Yuzu fruit. In our Copper Pot No. 3, we vapour-infuse pure Australian sugarcane base with a quadruple burst of citrus and refreshing spice mélange. Fruit is gathered from a single Riverland orchard. Highly fragrant Yuzu and Buddha's Hand fruit are incorporated whole, and from Cara Cara and Blood Oranges we use the hand-peeled rind. Juniper, Chamomile and Coriander plus Australian natives Cinnamon Myrtle, Pink Peppercorn and Strawberry Gum complete the assembly of aromatics. A sense-awakening postcard from today's Riverland. Traditional citrus and botanicals are brightened and heightened by native spices and elegantly perfumed Yuzu and Buddha's Hand. Opulent soft floral citrus aromas set the scene. The refreshing palate presents juicy sweetness followed by lingering zest and warmth. Best served as a thirst-quenching G&T, which reveals its naturally 'cloudy' mixing effect.

23rd Street Distillery Red Citrus Gin

The fresh burst of a halftime orange wedge from your childhood winter sport. Zesty Riverland blood oranges, cara cara navels and spicy botanicals are slow-steeped to extract every heart-warming drop of flavour. Riverland cara cara navels and blood oranges are harvested fresh for this distinctive gin. Balanced with juniper, pepper berry, coriander, cinnamon myrtle, camomile, and strawberry gum the botanicals are distributed across six botanical baskets and slow steeped in our sugarcane spirit for up to two days. Enticing aromas of orange, zest and slight musk awaken the senses. The palate begins with juicy citrus, followed by rounded spice, herbal intrigue, and zest. Delightful neat, exquisite with soda or however you please.

23rd Street Distillery Violet Gin

What’s your whim? Say it with Gin. Our Violet Gin is the mood ring of beverages. Transform the broody blues of Butterfly Pea flower to ultraviolet with tonic. A bouquet of heady Australian native botanicals including lemon myrtle, finger lime and pepper berry abounds. On the palate, layers of intriguing flavour unfold, from familiar juniper to juicy finger lime, mellow wattle seed and lingering zest and peppery spice.

23rd Street Distillery Prime 5 Brandy

A blend of years has created the ultimate in refined character. A ged portions of traditional, double pot distilled liquor contribute sophisticated richness and roundness. Portions distilled by the single pot process balance these characters with lively, bright top notes. Parcels have been aged up to eight years in ex-chardonnay French and American oak barrels, contributing further richness and depth.

23rd Street Distillery Signature Gin

23rd Street's distiller individually infuses ten botanicals including traditional juniper and coriander, complemented by zesty local citrus. Astute blending is key, creating a layered palate and full-bodied mouthfeel.

23rd Street Distillery Batch 2 Australian Single Malt Whisky

Our second all Australian Whisky release: the youngster stretches its legs. This is the distillers art of mastery plus patience, wrought in copper and oak for a minimum of 3 years. Whispers of Kangaroo Islands rippling barley fields, and the purifying heights of six-metre stills. Remembrances of golden Riverland summers. Savour with all your senses.