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4 Pines

4 Pines Hazy Pale Ale Can

4 Pines Ultra Low

A refreshing ultra low alcohol malt beverage. Hop notes dominated by fruit with herbal and citrus notes underpinning. A subtle clean malt character with balanced bitterness to refresh the palette and a slightly tart finish that leaves you wanting more.

4 Pines Pale Ale Can

3 malts, 4 hops. Brewed for all round fresh flavours in the American style. Citra hop is the star, backed by a supporting cast of 2 other classics. A classic US style with a modern hop twist in Citra that stands 4 Pines Pale out from the crowd.

4 Pines New World Pale Ale Can

4 Pines Japanese Lager Can3x4x375mL

Japanese Style Lager is a modern dry rice lager that tastes as if its been yanked right from the streets of Tokyo (although ours is produced out of Brookvale, NSW). Unlike the alley ways of the Golden Gai, theres nowhere to hide here. A base of Pilsner malt and flaked rice provide and ultra light bodied and colored beer with a slight haze reminiscent of those produced by the neon lights of the Shibuya skyline. A hint of residual sweetness is balanced out by a subtle herbal bite from a da

4 Pines Pacific Ale

Hazy golden in appearance. Big fruity hop aromas of passionfruit, pineapple and pear are complemented by a smooth, dry finish.

4 Pines Aussie Wheat Ale 3 x Can Carton

Aussie Wheat Ale that pours light in colour and body with a slight haze that reminds you of golden days.Hop additions of Callista and Amarillo will pack a fruity punch of stonefruits, ruby red grapefruit, and raspberries complemented by a subtle citrus kick from small additions of yuzu peel.

4 Pines India Pacific Ale Can

4 Pines Seaweed Pilsner 6x4x375mL

A Tasmanian Pilsner presenting golden to straw in colour and light in body, with clean malt notes. Flavours and aromas of Guava and Lychee from the tassie grown Enigma hops are boosted by the salinity in an addition of Seaweed for a fruity and umami combo that finishes crisp to leave you wanting more.

4 Pines Pale Ale

The guys at 4 Pines Brewing handcraft their beers on the iconic Sydney coast, near Manly. And they live for beer! Quality, unique, flavoursome beer. The Pale Ale has a wonderful ruby red colour with quite brillliant aromas of pine and grapefruit. Flavours of full bodied malts are greeted with a tight, bitter finish.