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4 Pines Brewing

4 Pines Brewing Japanese Lager Can

It starts easy and finishes even easier with incredible balance, poise and nothing to hide behind. Ultra light in body and color with a hint of residual sweetness to balance out a subtle herbal bite from a dash of hops, results in a dry, crisp and refreshing finish that’ll have you crawling back for more.

4 Pines Pacific Ale Can

Have you ever tasted a sunset? 4 Pines Pacific Ale is a handcrafted beer brewed naturally with Hazy golden in appearance. Fruity fresh floral aroma is complemented by a smooth dry finish.

4 Pines Brewing Indian Summer Ale Can

Crisp & light in bitterness with aromas of passionfruit & honeydew, light body, but not at the expense of hop character. To be enjoyed now and long after the suns gone down. IBU: 15 Carton of 24 x 375mL Cans.

4 Pines Brewing Kolsch

Nothing could describe 4 Pines Kolsch better than, quality, unique and truely flavoursome beer. With rich citrus aromas of lemon and lime followed by a light malty palate. IBU: 22 Be sure to expand your taste of local homemade beers by taking by ordering a carton or visiting your local First Choice today. Carton of 24 x 330mL Bottles.