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Addition All Spice Cocktail Spice

All spice is sometimes described as a mix of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Its often used in Caribbean cooking, in curries, and even in traditional Mexican mole. Allspice can be a delicious and interesting ingredient to your cocktails

Addition Black Pepper Cocktail Flavouring

It is almost disorienting to taste the familiar flavour of Black Pepper in liquid form! Black pepper is surprisingly spicy and as versatile in drinks as it is on food. Its a great addition to a Bloody Mary, a dirty Martini, or even a ribeye fresh off the grill.

Addition Filthy Dirty Cocktail Flavouring

For those that love dirty martinis, and not just a little bit dirty no, Filthy Dirty martini! The blend of herbs and spices in our Filthy Dirty Cocktail Spice is designed specifically to complement and enhance the briny goodness of a standard Dirty.

Addition Pink Pepper Cocktail Flavouring

More closely related to mangoes and cashews than to true peppercorns, Pink Pepper still has a familiar peppery heat combined with fragrant floral characteristics and hint of a citrusy bite. Very versatile, Pink Pepper is a great addition to most gin and vodka classics, a Sazerac, or a Last Word.

Addition Chipotle Cocktail Flavouring

The strong smoky, savoury and spicy elements of Chipotle pair well with bold liquors like bourbon, rye, aged rum and mezcal. You can even add it to marinades before you BBQ the spicy, smoky flavours are especially great with chicken.

Addition Cinnamon Cocktail Flavouring

A staple of every spice rack, Cinnamon is delicious in so many drinks. Try it in hard ciders, whiskey cocktails, or in a rum and cola. You can even add a few drops straight into a can of cola itself! It also pairs beautifully with clove.

Addition Jalapeno Cocktail Flavouring

Probably the most famous of all chilli peppers, Jalapeo has moderate heat and a fresh, familiar chilli flavour that goes as well in drinks as it does in food. Tequila drinks are an obvious pairing for Jalapeo (its fantastic in a Margarita!) and it also pairs perfectly with citrus of all kinds.

Addition Rosemary Cocktail Flavouring

Add the fresh, aromatic complexity of Rosemary to all kinds of drinks. This is a perfect flavour to dress up gin drinks (beautiful in a G&T!), Margaritas, Lemon Drops, or even a glass of sparkling water!

Addition Szechuan Cocktail Flavouring

The reality-warping Szechuan Pepper brings amazing floral and citrus notes along with heat thats different from other peppers and chillies; Szechuan peppers will play tricks on your mouth with the tactile, prickly sensations they impart. Add Szechuan to a G&T, a Manhattan, or try it as a substitute for aromatic bitters.

Addition Garlic Cocktail Flavouring

Familiar, aromatic and very potent, the hearty flavour of Garlic packs a punch! It brings new levels of complexity and depth to classic drinks like Bloody Marys, Dirty Martinis, and endless other savoury beverages.