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Alpha Box & Dice

Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Prosecco

Prosecco – our drink of choice to sip in the sun, celebrating the good times. Effortlessly enjoyed on its own, or splashed in a Spritz or cocktail. It truly is the most versatile drink! With many Proseccos opting for off-dry or sweet, we favour a dry style above all else. Why? Apart from being a personal preference, we also think crisp, dry Prosecco is the best way to let the wine's refreshing properties shine.

Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Grenache

Innovative winemaker Justin Lane is the man behind some the most exciting, idiosyncratic and distinctive set of wines we've stumbled across in recent times. Based in McLaren Vale, the portfolio of wines is based around letters, each depicting symbol and meaning. 'T' in this case stands for Tarot, its relevance here to the 'transformation' of a 100+ year old Grenache vineyard from which this wine is made. The addition of Shiraz and Tempranillo to this medium bodied blend works by adding depth, structure and spice to the appealing, deliciously soft and round Grenache. Produced in small quantities so be quick and pick this wine up today!

Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Pinot Grigio

Alpha Box & Dice, located in McLaren Vale, is undertaking a "Wine Alphabet" project where each 'letter' represents a distinct winemaking venture, aiming to create a comprehensive collection of wines that showcase the various styles and grape varieties found in the well-known wine regions of South Australia, such as McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and the Barossa Valley. Picked early in the morning and gently pressed to tank where it is naturally fermented and matured for 5 months on lees.

Alpha Box & Dice Tarot Rose

Tarot Rosé is our transformation wine – infusing white wine with red to create something completely new. We use the ripasso method to our advantage here, steeping the white wine blend of Chardonnay and Riesling on Aglianico and Grenache skins. Think of it like a tea – how the water absorbs colour, texture, flavour and tannin from the leaves. After the process – a new rosé is born. Sure, it's a little unconventional, but since when did AB&D bow to convention?