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Amrut Single Malts of India, Neidhal

Neidhal is the first chapter in Amrut’s newly launched “Single Malts of India” range. A single malt eponymously sourced from a Neidhal or coastal region and exhibits traits that uniquely spring from the locale. Neidhal is an off road adventure embarked by Amrut and for the first time in India, we have decided to showcase some of the hidden gems found throughout the country. Tasting Notes Nose: Notes of tropical fruits, burnt lavender, vanilla punctuated by soft phenols and above all sea salt. Taste: A proper fruit cocktail and an essay in chew-ability with mesmerising phenols with a touch of iodine. Finish: Phenolic with a touch of sweet vanilla.

Amrut Fusion

FROM THE LAND OF THE GREAT HIMALAYAS A story of two types of barley, one grown in the Punjab at the foothills of the Himalayas and malted in Delhi, the other grown and peated in Scotlanda fusion of East and West. Bottled at 50% abv. COLOUR: Golden Yellow TASTING NOTES: NOSE: Heavily oaked and complex, some curious barley-sugar notes shrouded in soft smoke. Big, though seductively gentle.TASTE: The delivery, though controlled at first, is massive; gentle smoke turns into warming, full-blown peat, aided by a subtle custard trifle note. An oaky vanilla hammers home that barley, alongside an intense chocolate fudge which absolutely resonates through the palate.FINISH: A mouth-filling sweetness accompanies the malt to a satisfying end, though. After this, the spices, rather than lying down and accepting their fate, rise up and usher this extraordinary whisky to its final curtain-call." The Amrut distillery was founded in 1948 as Amrut Laboratories. Established by Shri J N Radhakrishna, the company started blending and bottling various alcoholic beverages. During the 1950s and 1960s, Amrut launched products for the Indian armed forces as well as the general market; products included the dark rum Amrut XXX and Silver Cup Brandy. During the 1970s, Amrut began marketing a grape brandy called Bejois, made from Bangalore blue grapes.

Amrut Fusion Indian Whisky

While India may not be the first country to mind when great world whisky is mentioned, the Fusion Single Malt is about to change all that. Considered by Jim Murray to be the 3rd best whisky in the world as part of his 2010 Whisky Bible, the Fusion is a phenomenal amalgam of flavours, aromas and texture the envy of most, even in Scotland. On the nose this spectacular whisky offers up notes of heavy oak, barley sugar and some subtle smoke characters that play ever so well with amazingly complex flavours like custard cream, toffee and dried fruits. While the whisky threatens to be completely overpowering, the balance on the finish is nothing short of ground breaking. There is simply no better way to extend your whisky horizons than with a bottle of Amrut Fusion.