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Animus Distillery

Animus Ananas Gin

Animus Distillery Arboretum Gin

A complex herbaceous gin utilising a range of local estate-grown ingredients: Fresh strawberry gum leaf, lemon thyme, rosemary, oranges and native bush tomato support the classic gin notes of bold juniper, coriander seed, and citrus, with a long, spicy balanced finish. Gold Medal - Melbourne International Spirit Competition 2017 Silver Medal - Australian Distilled Spirit Awards 2017

Animus Distillery Elements Spiced Mandarin Cello Non-Vintage

Animus Distillery Ambrosian Gin

Utilising the bold flavours of mandarin, kaffir lime and white sesame, along with fresh tumeric, galangal and ginger, Animus Ambrosian is a bold reinterpretation of gin rich with both Australian and South East Asian influences. Silver Medal - Australia Distillery Spirit Awards 2017 Bronze Medal - Melbourne International Spirit Competition 2017 Bronze Medal - International Spirits Challange London 2017

Animus Distillery Macedon Dry Gin

Originally designed as a homage to the best London Dry Gins, Animuss Macedon Dry took on a life of its own when lemon myrtle and mountain pepper berry were added to the rich, juniper-led base. These Australian natives add a subtle, citrus and piquant edge, while dialling up the aromatic complexity. You don't have to look hard to find the freshness provided by the ingredients harvested from the distillerys Gin garden. These botanicals also add brightness and intensity. Classic juniper, sappy freshness and spice running through the smooth, deep texture. Like all of Animuss Gins, this has the depth, complexity and balance that rises above many other competitors on the market. Botanicals: Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Angelica Root, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander seed, Lemon Myrtle, Sarsaparilla Root, Star Anise, Lemon, Lime, Turmeric

Animus Distillery Elements Coffee Noir Non-Vintage

Animus Distillery Elements Grapefruit Triple Sec Non-Vintage

Animus Pandan Gin ( )

Animus Test Pressing #3 Natini Non-Vintage

.Animus Gins often carry a trademark citrus-oil element, but this has a very pure oleo saccharum character on the nose. There’s a little pine-like juniper peeking through, while floral and leafy botanicals sit delicately in front. On the palate the Gin is big and full, with heat, spice and sweetness up-front, rippling viscously over the tongue with layers of balanced botanical flavours, finishing bone-dry with a metallic/saline zing. It’s definitely the perfect Martini Gin, and when mixed the natives and juniper shine, with whispers of pine and acacia, saltbush and those coffee-like wattleseed notes. It takes plenty of skill to balance this number of botanicals, and Sarah has just nailed it. Bravo!

Animus Distillery Davidsonia Gin Non-Vintage