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Arcane Beach House Spiced Rum

Beach House offers the pleasure of a laid-back, top-quality rum subtly infused with a tropical, floral, spicy bouquet. A beautiful straw colour with golden tints. Subtle to begin with, dominated by blood oranges and honey, before an onslaught of intense gingerbread, lime and crystalized ginger aromas. A delightful harmony between the tropical softness of sugarcane, floral notes of bitter orange blossom and hints of exotic spices.

Arcane Rum Arrange Vanila

“Vanilles des Îles”, celebrates one of the emblematic fruits of Mauritius. Infused with Bourbon vanilla and magnified by the strength of Mauritian rum, this wonderful elixir will transport you straight to Mauritius.

Arcane Generous Gin Azur

Generous Azur is a new fresh, sophisticated and floral gin inspired by the fragrances and eternal blue skies of the mythical Côte d'Azur. It was designed to be unanimous in both connoisseurs and casual consumers. By combining seductive packaging, a beach lifestyle brand universe evocative for consumers 25 35 H/F, a taste with complex flavours, Generous Azur has all the assets to be a success thanks to a reasonable price positioning. Tasting Notes: COLOUR: Shiny liquid surface; Color of colourless dress and Bright; Tears present particularly fat. NOSE: Powerful, beautiful 'rising' complex with the citrus of the Mediterranean basin, violet fragrances and sensitive hints of Basil. Beautiful cocktail of ripe citrus fruits with straight and complex floral notes. TASTE: Powerful, structured and particularly aromatic; Fresh violet flavours, notes of basil and blood oranges. A final with the rise of orange bitter CONCLUSION: Beautiful set combining complexity and balanced sweetness.

Arcane Generous Gin Purple

"A Must For Your Cocktails" Generous Gin "Purple" is a real innovation in the gin world! Much more than a color, Generous Gin "Purple" is the first gin to contain polyphenols and grape anthocyanins. Polyphenols are the molecules that make up the tannins in wine, anthocyanins bring the texture and color of red wine; they are also known for being antioxidants. The delicate blend of Generous Gin imparts a smooth and dry texture combined with the freshness of the pink grapefruit flavour for this seductive gin.TASTING NOTES: COLOUR Deep, brilliant ruby colour.NOSE Powerful Gin made up of the perfumes of pink grapefruit and lemon lime. Tonic notes combining the scents of juniper and freshly crushed pepper.TASTE Flavours of pink grapefruit, Timut pepper. A perfect balance between the aromatic typicity of the different juniper berries, the contribution of other botanicals and the original sensation of structure provided by the anthocyanins.CONCLUSION A model of the kind, complexity, power and seduction.

Arcane Turquise Bay Amber Rum

The paradise on Earth some call Mauritius is home to six Rum makers and is one of the few realms that still offers the entire array of styles: traditional, agricole, light, dark, spiced, et cetera. With Turquoise Bay Amber Rum, the creators have distilled the essence of the terroir: sweetness and spiciness in a wonderful tropical dance that evokes images of palms, sand and sunsets. It’s a unique and unusual expression starting off as a traditional Rum, made from molasses. But that’s where its traditionality ends. The Spirit is joined by a dash of Rhum Agricole that comes from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, the Caribbean way. The invigorated amber blend is then finished in ex-Cognac barrels, adding sophistication and subtlety. An extremely sumptuous expression from Isle of Moris, perfect for summer afternoons, evenings and nights. This rum has a lovely harmony between sweetness and spiciness with notes of toffee, raisins, honey and caramel.

Arcane Delicatissime Gold Rum 1.5 Year Old

Arcane Extraroma Amber Rum 12 Year Old

Arcane Extraroma is an exceptional 12 years-old solera aged in oak barrels. It combines the fresh cane aromas and the very smooth, complex aromas of an old rum. What makes it unique is its incredible aromatic richness. EYE: deep amber. NOSE: opulent, with notes of exotic fruits and pastry. PALATE: very smooth, with a profusion of flavors: exotic fruits, chocolate, vanilla, dried fruits.