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Benromach Heritage 40 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky ( Release)

Owned by a family of whisky lovers, Benromach is a traditional Speyside distillery keeping things simple. Their small team of distillers rely entirely on their sense and expertise to create the finest handmade whisky. The 2022 release of Benromach 40 Year Old was bottled at a cask strength of 57.6%, this rare single malt whisky is natural in colour and was laid down in 1981 before spending four decades maturing in the finest first-fill Oloroso sherry casks. Aromas of cinnamon, ginger, Seville orange, roasted hazelnut and stewed red berries fill the nose. The palate offers notes of Morello cherries, baked apple, liquorice, dark chocolate, fruit cake and black pepper, with hints of dark berries and rich oak lingering in the finish. Only 1,132 bottles produced of this limited release.

Benromach 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Category Winner: Best Speyside Single Malt 12 Years and Under at the World Whisky Awards 2017. Sometimes described as one of Speyside's "Best kept Secrets", and no wonder given the sheer class vs scale of the operation: Benromach is managed by just two workers and runs at a maximum capacity of a mere half million litres annually. Prior to this, in 1983 it was mothballed and it wasn't until a decade later that the distillery was acquired from United Distillers by Gordon and MacPhail. Production recommenced in 1998 with whiskies peated slightly higher than other Speysiders at around 8-12ppm. Since that time there have been myriad releases and an output that consistently receives high praise. According to whisky writer, Dave Broom, G&M’s aim has been to make a classic pre-1960s Speyside style: across the range, the integration of the smoke and malt is seamless and judicious, allowing the fruity spirit to shine through. Always some of our most liked Speyside whiskies at tastings, the entry level 10 year old is where the fun starts, recently awarded Best Speyside Single Malt 12 Years and Under at the World Whisky Awards 2017. Move up from there to sophisticated wood finishes, a world-first organic malt and a cracking cask strength expression. Whatever your preference you’re guaranteed to find something to love here, else stop drinking whisky! This is 80% ex-Bourbon / 20% ex-Sherry matured for 9 years, followed by 12 months in an Oloroso Sherry cask for the tenth year. Tasting notes: Pale gold appearance. Gorgeous aromatics with a sultry amalgam of poached pear, dried fruits, dark chocolate and the gentlest wafts of peat. Aeration draws out hints of baked apple and sweet spices. A clean, crisp malt delivery supported by lively spices; fine threads of smoke and a delicious fruity edge; sweet barley dovetails into grassy, citrus freshness at the finish while light pepper warmth and sooty peat round out the aftertaste. Superb purity. One of a handful of 10 year olds that really engages, and with a price that places it in the top 3 or 4 values in its category.

Benromach Contrasts: Bordeaux Wine Finish ( )

Benromach Contrasts: Virgin Oak Air Dried

Benromach, Peat Smoke, Sherry

Benromach Peat Smoke

MATURATION: First-fill oak Bourbon barrels. Pour yourself a dram of this seriously smoky single malt whisky... only very small batches of this unique Benromach Speyside whisky are produced, so you're one of the few people who are able to enjoy it. The finest Scottish barley is malted with high levels of peat smoke at 47ppm (parts per million: the phenol level, to those in the know). Take in the AROMA WITHOUT WATER sweet vanilla, honey and cured meat aromas, hints of apricot and lemon combining with a beautiful subtle tobacco note. Dive in and enjoy the TASTE WITHOUT WATER, there's cracked pepper with sweet strawberry and orange flavours, a delicate hint of aniseed; combined with a lingering edge of bonfire embers. Now enjoy the AROMA WITH WATER the delicate smokiness complements lemon, honey and vanilla aromas with sweet hints of apricot and sugared almonds developing on the tongue. Lift it to your lips and savour the TASTE WITH WATER, slow cooked apple, pear and tangy grapefruit give way to a trace of cocoa powder and an absolutely gorgeous edge of lingering cigars. It's a wonderfully fruity and smoky single malt whisky, with no medicinal undertone. Benromach is a small distillery that finds it home in Forres, in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. It's owned by the brilliant independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail, who resurrected the run-down and defunct distillery in 1993. 11 years of renovation later, the distillery began bottling again in 2004. Today, the whisky produced at Benromach is truly hand-crafted. Nothing is left to chance, or technology, as each step of the distillation process is overseen and carefully managed in the old, traditional ways - sight, touch and taste. It takes a little longer, but you just can't rush quality. Each year, a batch of heavily peated spirit is produced at Benromach, and then tucked away to mature in ex-bourbon barrels.

Benromach Cara Gold Malt

Benromach Contrasts: Virgin Oak Kiln Dried

Benromach Contrasts: Organic Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Owned by a family of whisky lovers, Benromach is a traditional Speyside distillery keeping things simple. Their small team of distillers rely entirely on their sense and expertise to create the finest handmade whisky. Beginning in 2006, Benromach Contrasts: Organic Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky is the world's since organic single malt whisky. This whisky is matured in virgin American oak casks to provide sweet, malty notes of creamy pepper, coffee, cocoa, and banana flavours. Distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2020.

Benromach Organic

MATURATION: Matured in organic, virgin oak casks. Pour yourself a dram of this beautiful Speysider, lift it to the light and notice the golden brown colour, imparted by our virgin oak casks. Even the wood we use for maturing the spirit is an intrinsic part of producing this beautifully balanced Organic Single Malt Whisky—a world-first when it was launched. With that in mind, enjoy the sumptuous AROMA WITHOUT WATER. It's delightfully sweet and malty at first, and after a few inhalations you may detect vanilla, toffee and banana influences coming through. Enjoy the TASTE WITHOUT WATER roll it around your mouth and savour the creamy pepper and sweet fruit flavours, particularly ripe bananas. Add a trickle of water to release the whisky and take in the AROMA WITH WATER; fresh and malty with darker, delicious hints of coffee and cocoa. You may smell some vanilla notes, and a touch of the fruit bowl coming through once again—this time with citrus fruits, especially lemons. Now for the TASTE WITH WATER; the smooth and mellow body has an exotic carnival feel with some gorgeous chilli spice and tropical fruit flavours, balanced with creaminess and a dark chocolate edge: a mouth-watering balance with a smooth and long finish. This whisky is certified Organic from start to finish, meeting rigorous UK Soil Association standards for growing the ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling. Unique on launch in 2006, this organic certification is still very rare today.