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Bittermens Transatlantic Modern Aromatic Bitters

Extremely complex bitters, but not in a confusing way - a little sweet, nicely bitter and surprisingly fruity. Bittermens merged the great bitters of the world to create an aromatic bitters that is useful in such a wide array of drinks. In total, sixteen botanicals make up this unique aromatic offering.

Bittermens Buckspice Gingersnap Bitters

By using a combination of dried gingers and alcohol, Bittermens have been able to create a shelf-stable ginger bitter that can bring that bite to warming winter cocktails especially those made with rum and bourbon yet also work beautifully in classic bucks and mules. In fact, 10 drops in a Moscow Mule turns it into something special.

Bittermens Krupnik Herbal Honey Bitters

In Belarus, one of the most common home-made alcoholic beverages is called Krupnik. Taking inspiration from classic Krupnik recipes, Bittermens blended honey, black tea, pine, juniper and six other botanicals to make a complex bitters that works beautifully in all sorts of cocktails, ranging from honey forward drinks like a Bees Knees to warm beverages like hot toddies.

Bittermens Winter Melon (Tart) Bitters

Back in 2012, Bittermens' set out to create a cucumber bitters. Working with tart Chinese winter melon and aromatic juniper berries, the sourness of the winter melon came forward, the berry notes became a bit more prominent and the cucumber moved into a supporting position. The result was a bright bitterly sour blend that worked beautifully with a whole range of clear spirits.

Bittermens New England Spiced Cranberry Bitters

These cranberry bitters deliver just the right touch of tartness to your cocktail creations. The lovingly created formula includes a balanced blend of cranberries, vanilla, natural spices and a hint of malic acid to enhance the overall flavour profile.

Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub

Shrubs are classically refreshing fruit and vinegar-based syrups that were sweetened and diluted to make a beverage since the American revolutionary times. Instead of making a berry shrub or an orange shrub, why not make a hot pepper shrub? This shrub is fortified with alcohol to better extract the flavors from the spices and made it much more concentrated.

Bittermens Burlesque Bitters

This menage of hibiscus, aai berry and long pepper is sweet, spicy and a bit of a tart. Try it in a Genever Old Fashioned, a Pisco Sour or a Negroni. Primary Flavours: Hibiscus flowers and sour berries with a hint of peppery spice.

Bittermens Boston Bittahs

A peculiar combination of citrus & chamomile, reminiscent of summer. Try it in your favourite fizz, sour or bright tropical drink. It works extremely well with pisco and scotch. Primary Flavours: citrus, chamomile and more citrus.

Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub

Bittermens took an idea of a brine, a celery shrub and a classic soda - classic flavours favoured by Eastern European migrants during New York's tenement era - and decided to dedicate it to Orchard Street, home of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.