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Boatrocker Manuka Smoked Single Malt Whisky aged in Apera

Manuka, a tree renowned for its honey and the character of its wood for smoking. A wash using 100% manuka smoked malt was distilled and then put into an Apera cask. Four years later, the result is rich and decadent, a sweet mouthfeel with hints of smoke on the back palate.

Boatrocker Stout

A classic, full bodied English style stout brewed with the finest English malts and hops they could get their hands on. Dry Roast on the nose with a velvety mouthfeel. Its a deliciously balanced and hearty ale.

Boatrocker Summer Gin

Summer Gin captures all that’s good about summer and puts it in a bottle. Bright citrus notes from lime, ruby grapefruit and tangelo work alongside refreshing cucumber to bring you a gin that works wonderfully after a long day at the beach, feet up, bbq on, and happy tunes playing. The distillery's signature serve is a large glass filled with ice, a generous splash of Summer Gin, topped with a dry tonic and garnished with a slice of cucumber or a lime wedge. 41.5% Alc./Vol.

Boatrocker Raspberry Gin

To create this Raspberry gin, whole Raspberries were added to the finished Gin to macerate for 7 days providing a vibrant pink hue and luscious Raspberry character. Alongside more traditional botanicals, strawberry gum and earl grey tea were distilled to complement the raspberries. Boatrocker Raspberry Gin provides a modern twist to a classic G&T (feel free to garnish with fresh or freeze dried raspberries), alternatively, make a 'Pinky' Tom Collins by using Boatrocker Miss Pinky Raspberry Berliner Weisse instead of Soda water!

Boatrocker Original Gin

Juniper forward with floral and citrus highlights , our original gin gives a nod to tradition, yet looks to the future by distilling modern botanicals alongside more traditional ingredients. Original Gin works wonderfully in a classic G&T, garnished with a wedge of pink grapefruit or in an Original martini. Batch distilled and hand crafted at Boatrocker's small Melbourne distillery.

Boatrocker Jungle Gin

Inspired by the flavours of South East Asia, fresh makrut (keffir) lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass and kumquats alongside more traditional ingredients such as juniper,coriander, angelica and orris are used in the distilling process. Jungle Gin's bright aromatics work wonderfully with a dry tonic garnished with a lime leaf, yet equally well in any citrus forward cocktail.

Boatrocker Marmalade Gin Liqueur

Hold onto your hats folks, because we've got a flavour explosion on our hands with this marmalade gin liqueur! Made with the zesty goodness of Seville orange peel, this bittersweet symphony of flavours is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Take a sip and you'll be greeted with a burst of tangy citrus that's sweet, but not too sweet, and just the right amount of bitter. It's like biting into a perfectly ripe orange with a satisfying kick of botanicals and spice that warms you from the inside out. The texture is smooth and silky, with a medium body that coats your tongue and leaves a lingering finish that's both satisfying and refreshing. When it comes to pairing, this marmalade gin liqueur is a true chameleon. It's perfect as an after dinner digestif, pairing beautifully with a cheese board or a rich chocolate dessert. But it also works wonders in cocktails, adding a bright, citrusy kick to classic gin drinks like the Gimlet or the Tom Collins. So, if you're looking for a bold and delicious gin experience that's a little bit different, grab a bottle of this marmalade gin liqueur and get ready to rock your taste buds!

Boatrocker Sloe Gin Liqueur

Sloe gin is made by steeping sloe berries for three months in our original gin. The sloes are naturally very tart so a little bit of cane sugar syrup is added to balance the acidity. A wonderfully heady aroma of tart berries and their pips and the palate is rich and luxurious with complexity from the gin and berries. Serving Suggestions:Delicious neat, on the rocks or with a dash of your favourite mixer.

Boatrocker Limoncello

Limoncello is a classic Italian lemon liqueur. Boatrocker wanted to make a version for locals, made by locals. The challenge: A true limoncello demands only unwaxed lemon peel. With nearly all of Matt and Andrea's backyard lemons depleted in trials, how would they go about making a larger batch for everyone in the neighbourhood? Getting some skin in the game: By calling on local legends throughout postcode 3195, we received more than 1500 beautiful backyard lemons, donated in exchange for a bottle of this classic limoncello. As the saying goes:when life gives you lemons, make limoncello! Serving Suggestions:Mix with your favourite tonic or soda or keep it simple and enjoy it neat, straight from the freezer.

Boatrocker Nocino Green Walnut Liqueur

We're going NUTS for our latest spirit release... Nocino. Made from hand-picked organic green walnuts from the Macedon Ranges, this liqueur was made from a traditional Italian recipe going back centuries. Rested on alcohol for 40 days and 40 nightswith the addition of select botanicals, this is the perfect digestif. One taste and we think you'll be going nuts about Nocino too! Aromas of walnuts, spices and earthy tones, the palate is rich and full bodied with a touch of bitterness on the back palate. Ideal as a sipper after dinner but also works wonderfully in a walnut old fashioned or a walnut manhattan.