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Brick Lane

Brick Lane One Love Pale Ale Can

One Love Pale Ale is a soft bodied pale ale bursting with bright hop aromas and stonefruit and citrus flavours. Golden straw in colour with a soft, delicate haze from malted and flaked wheat in the brew. Late and dry hopping delivers fresh hop aromas and layered flavours of citrus, stonefruit and passionfruit. The Brick Lane Community is an idea celebrating the great brewing community in Australia, creating a place where all makers and lovers of good beer can come together. A purpose built facility in Dandenong; designed with quality, flexibility and scale at its heart. From this Dandenong base, Brick Lane and our partners in brewing make beers to be enjoyed at the brewery, across Dandenong, Melbourne, around Australia and beyond. Carton of 24 x 355mL Cans.

Brick Lane Wild Sky Zero Carb Pale Ale Can

With refreshing melon and citrus flavours, Wild Sky keeps things light with only 87 calories per can. This refreshing and zesty beer lets your taste buds soar high like an eagle, making it the perfect brew for all your adventures.

Brick Lane Backyarder Crisp Lager Can

Brick Lane Hi-Fi Dry Japanese No Carb Lager Can

Brick Lane Sidewinder XPA Deluxe Can

Brick Lane Reckoning Palo Santo Imperial Stout

Reckoning Palo Santo Imperial Stout is one of three, barrel aged beers from the 2023 Trilogy of Fear series by the award winning Brick Lane Brewing. A sinister brew aged on the charred remnants of the holy wood. Its smoky essence carries notes of cedar, leather, Guinea pepper and unburnt tobacco, with a chilling hint of mint. This brew is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave enough to venture into the depths of its darkness, the reward is a truly bewitching taste experience.

Brick Lane Taken Imperial Stock Ale

Taken Imperial Stock Ale is one of three, barrel aged beers from the 2023 Trilogy of Fear series by the award winning Brick Lane Brewing. Beer boiled under a moonless sky for a full 20 hours to slowly develop a hauntingly rich aroma of dried figs, sultanas, and sherry, reminiscent of a dark fruit medley. Crafted solely with pale malt, this beer is dark, thick, and syrupy, with an intensity that lingers like a ghostly presence. Indulge in a sip and allow the flavours to possess your taste buds.

Brick Lane Backyarder

Backyarder Crisp Lager has an all-Australian malt body and a deliciously light hop aroma and bitterness. A cheeky mid-strength perfectly suited to relaxing into the whatever happenings of backyard afternoons.

Brick Lane Natural Draught6x4x355mL

Natural Draught is made with all Aussie hops and malt to create the perfect balance of bitter, easy drinking and super refreshing. Naturally unfiltered for that brewery fresh taste. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day on the job or the perfect drop to enjoy with mates, Natural Draught is the ultimate choice for any beer lover!

Brick Lane Hush Little Baby Voodoo Imperial Stout

Forged in the shadows of the bayou and made with ingredients from off the edges of the map. Aged on Cypress and whole Papuan vanilla dark natural vanilla aroma expressed as very earthy, complex, and almost oud-like, complimented with resinous, herbal, juniper, Scotts-pine, and almost ether-like sweetness from the cypress heartwood.