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Cheeky Rascal

Cheeky Rascal Street Food Series Vietnamese Cider

With its delicious, fresh real-fruit taste, the Vietnamese Street Food Series cider adds a surprisingly sweet lychee twist to an infallible strawberry and pear cider combination. Made entirely from fresh fruit, theres no concentrates, colours or flavours added to this elixir inspired by the hustle and heat of Vietnams busiest eat-streets.

Cheeky Rascal Street Food Series Chinese Cider

Guided by the flavours of traditional Chinese street food most notably plum and ginger this cider plays on traditional cider and fruit-wine making techniques with a contemporary twist. Theres a kick to Cheeky Rascals Street Food Series of ciders, much like the cuisine that inspired it. Made entirely from fresh fruit, theres no concentrates, colours or flavours.

Cheeky Rascal Chinese Street Food Series Cider

Cheeky Rascal Passionfruit Pink Lady Apple Cider

Victorian-grown Pink Lady apple cider is blended with fresh, tangy passionfruit to create a sweet, sharp drink with a delicious edge. Cheeky Rascal ciders are made on the Mornington Peninsula in limited batches, to ensure the freshest fruit flavours are on the shelves. Made entirely with real fruit and no added flavours or concentrates, Cheeky Rascals Passionfruit Pink Lady is 100 percent fresh fruity goodness from Australias most highly awarded fruit winery and cider house.