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Chief's Son

Single 134

We check and test every barrel, multiple times over the years. This is a labour-intensive process. However, there are the occasions we strike whisky gold and there is just cause to celebrate. Our Single Cask barrels clearly stand out among peers for their aroma, flavour, texture, individuality and depth of character. They are genuinely unique. As such we hand bottle these as 900 Standard Single Cask bottlings.

Chief's Son Single Malt Whisky

Aromas of sweet fruit, sherry & roasted nuts, baked toffee & warm butterscotch, complex sweet leather & oak. Tast offers full sherry, balanced oak & sweet barley, oily & complex with late caramelised peat. Medium to Long finish with notes of sherried & old oak.

Chief's Son Distillery, Vodka Bonbons

Surprise your guests with a Chief’s Son, handcrafted Single Malt Vodka Bonbon to make the evening memorable.⁠⁠The handmade crackers include a 50ml bottle of N7 Vodka

Chief's Son The Tanist

This extraordinarily smooth, sweet, yet rich whisky is forged by a long marriage of spirit in 'double wood', essentially using two types of oak barrels to mature the spirit. The early smooth honey, sweet vanilla and citrus character is derived from the harder American oak, whilst the bold rich flavours of stone fruits, dark toffees and old sherry come from the lush French oak casks. The rich, oily malts create a honey-like mouthfeel and a beautifully long finish.

Chief's Son 900 Standard Strength

Appearance: Oloroso, brilliant clarity, 8/10 viscosity.Nose: Big baked stone fruits and dark vanilla, old oaked sherry, and warm caramel with crisp toffee. Very old oak and sweet tobacco.Taste: Very big, round and smooth, concentrated dark malts with sherry, a hint of dark chocolate, brittle toffee and licorice.Finish: Long, warm sherried and old oak