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Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay Bourbon

Elements of Islay Edit

Elements of Islay Beach Bonfire (Limited Release)

Elements of Islay Peat Pure Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

"Peat 45" is the reduced strength release of Elements of Islay's smokey duo. Also a vatted malt, this has the same classic Islay character as the 'Full Proof' version with notes of fruit, spice and smoke, only less oomph. Tasting note: Matured in a Bourbon cask. Pale / water like appearance. Soft and fluffy on the nose with biscuity notes to the fore (granita, choc-ripple) plus faint citrus. Air contact shifts the accent to lanolin / wool shed. Still later a malty base note dominates along with cocoa. Breezy, soft and drying in the mouth, especially towards the finish. Flavours of kipper, spiced citrus and light pepper, turning mineral dry to finish with lanolin lingering in the final stages. Evocative of young Lagavulin. Nicely done. 45% Alc./Vol.

Elements of Islay Sherry