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Equipo Navazos

Equipo Navazos La Bota 95 de Amontillado

Equipo Navazos La Bota 88 Whisky De Malta Overseas Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

It’s a Whisky of remarkable character and complexity. It boasts an enticing peaty touch to the nose (which may give some a clue as to its origin) balanced beautifully with the intense influence of the old Sherry cask. Fragrant and soft with poached pear, roasted malt and a hint of coffee bean and crème brûlée, the aromas give way to a sweet palate, intense and softly fruited, with florals, butterscotch and plenty of peaty smokiness—like Balvenie meets Islay. It’s got some power—even at 46% it’s happy with a touch of water—yet remains in perfect proportion. Finishes with notes of wild honey and, again, that delicious twang of iodine. La Bota de Magic.

Equipo Navazos La Bota 65 Ron Single Bota NO Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

Expect a spirit of tremendous structure and elegance, (not the rusticity that we have now been conditioned to expect from the Rum category), with a bright, silky palate offering waves of dried stone fruits, candied citrus, subtle resin and lifted floral notes. The finish is as fine as could be, with almost invisible spirit and a vibrantly fresh close.

Equipo Navazos PX Gran Solera 25+ YO

Equipo Navazos La Bota 114 de Florpower MMXXI Non-Vintage

Equipo Navazos La Bota 87 Gin Bota NO Non-Vintage Non-Vintage

Bottled at cask strength, this is simply a magnificent white spirit for sipping neat. The outcome is not only a wonderfully mellow symphony of floral aromas and sweet candied tangerine, green melon and daisy-like aromas and flavours, it also possesses a supple, delicate, textured and driven palate that hints at Manzanilla Pasada as much it does to Gin. This comes through on the iodine-noted finish. In short, forget what you know about Gin, or even cask-aged Gin. The balance is superb with both the sweeter notes and saline, savoury elements working to make it very difficult to stop nosing and sipping. As the cask was almost completely emptied for this edition of La Bota de Gin it’s also an exclusive.

Equipo Navazos Casa del Inca Pedro Ximénez

Colet Navazos Reserva Extra Brut

Equipo Navazos La Bota 90 Mazanilla Pasada Capataz Cabo Non-Vintage

Equipo Navazos La Bota 110 Mazanilla Pasada Capataz Cabo Non-Vintage