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Fighting Gully Road

Fighting Gully Road Sangiovese

Savoury nuances of dried herbs and dark cherry combine to create a complex nose. Fine tannins and acidity combine with ripe fruit to produce a medium-full bodied palate with persistent flavour. 25% new French oak barriques.

Fighting Gully Road La Longa Sangiovese

FIGHTING GULLY ROAD La Longa Sangiovese, Beechworth

Fighting Gully Road Aglianico

Fighting Gully Road Rose

Crisp and fresh acidity are the hallmarks of this Fighting Gully Road Rose that is made from Sangiovese grapes. It is barrel fermented and aged on lees, making this wine with a deliciously savoury dry finish.

Fighting Gully Road Smiths Chardonnay

Mark Walpole (who began his viticultural career with Brown Brothers in the late 1980s) and partner Carolyn De Poi found their elevated north-facing site south of Beechworth in 1995. They commenced planting the Aquila Audax Vineyard in 97 with cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir, subsequently expanding with significant areas of sangiovese, tempranillo, shiraz, petit manseng and chardonnay. In 2009 they were fortunate to lease the oldest vineyard in the region, planted by the Smith family in 1978 to chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.