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Freedom Moonshine

Freedom Moonshine Blueberry Rye

Blueberry Rye is as bold, brave, and beautiful as the country it was made in. A 40 proof moonshine that allows the blueberry flavor to truly shine through when combined with our Unaged American Rye Whiskey.

Freedom Moonshine Firecracker Rye

Firecracker Rye was designed to celebrate that extra little kick we all desire out of life. This cinnamon moonshine will light your taste buds on fire with the natural flavorings that only enhance the already present spiciness of our Unaged American Rye.

Freedom Moonshine Unaged American White Rye

A masterful blend of 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley is smooth enough to share, and strong enough to bring people together.

Freedom Moonshine Red Cherry Rye

Red Cherry Rye is made with pride. The juicy red cherry flavor mixes with our Unaged Rye Whiskey perfectly, creating a mouthwatering experience full of delicious sweetness followed by hints of rye spiciness.