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Frogmore Creek

Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling

Made with a nod to the great wines of Germany and Austria, this bright sweet Riesling based wine is loaded with orange zest, lemon blossom. Luscious, sweet stone fruit and ripe apple flavours linger indefinitely, nourished by characteristic cool climate mineral acid. Perfectly matched with Lemon Curd tarts.

Frogmore Creek Chardonnay

Frogmore Creek is a superb cool-climate Chardonnay from Tasmania that shows stonefruit and citrus varietal aromas which are enhanced by quality oak. The palate is beautifully structured with tight natural acidity. A very complex and subtle style.

Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir

Organically grown grapes from Tasmania have yielded a complex Pinot Noir with dried strawberry fruit characters and a satisfying savoury palate. Elegant and enjoyable Pinot from an up and coming producer!

Frogmore Creek FGR Riesling

F.G.R. Stands for Forty Grams Residual. Made in an homage to the Germanic Kabinett style, it is loaded with forward fruit, and plenty of luscious residual sugar, but enough fine acid carries the palate to a crisp dry finish.

Frogmore Creek Riesling

Frogmore Creek from Southern Tasmania is about as pure an expression of cool climate Riesling on could hope to find. A beautifully structured Riesling with elegant citrus flavours and vibrant acidity. Put it away for a while and reap the rewards.