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Ginologist Citrus Craft Gin

A purist take on a citrus gin with clean, crisp, citrus flavours taking centre stage in what is an incredibly refreshing taste. Fresh citrus flavours linger on the tongue, with lime and grapefruit once again clearly distinguishable long after the last drop is gone.

Ginologist Floral Craft Gin

This new style gin tantalises the taste buds with its rose geranium led floral infusion with a long lingering flavour which finishes elegantly with a soft dryness as the orange blossom comes through. The floral medley gives the Floral gin a perceived sweetness, making it ideal for those who prefer to serve gin with lite tonics or soda water.

Ginologist Ginologist Christmas Pudding Snowglobe Non-Alcoholic Gin & Ginologist Cookbook

Imagine if you will, the quintessential taste of an Australian Pudding considered, conceived, distilled, matured and bottled……. But not just in any bottle, but a Snow Globe bottle and let your imagination take flight. Visualize seeing Santa and his reindeers flying over Australia’s most recognisable landmarks, this is what can be seen whilst looking at the glitzy snowstorm through this magnificent clear gin on the back of the label. A special feature of a light at the bottom of the bottle, makes this a truly magical gift... Then, within the crystal clear liquid of an alcohol free gin distilled with Christmas spices, laying warm on your tongue and the crispness of orange and ginger playing against a hint of chocolate, blackberries, nutmeg, blackcurrant and warm, oozing golden maple syrup to mention a few ingredients in this exceptional gin… imagine shaking this liquid to create a cascade of silver snow trickling downwards, spectacular! The Ginologist Pudding Snow Globe Alcohol Free Gin, is in a snow globe shaped bottle and will be available in time to make this the perfect showstopper at any party. Paired with the Ginologist Cookbook....A perfect gift. The complexity and smoothness of the Spice gin make it easy to enjoy neat on the rocks, along with a Recipe Gin Cookbook is a perfect gift. This pairs beautifully with any of Indian tonic in our range including the Indian Sugar Free. Add this to your pack for a complete gift idea. Item Volume in ml 700ml Serving Instructions Serve at room temperature.

Ginologist I Love You Gin

Ginologist I Love You Gin is a soft pink medley of infused Rose Geranium and a touch of distilled chocolate that develops a smooth and luscious taste of Turkish Delight that quickly turns into an instant crowd favourite.

Ginologist Spice Gin

A truly unique blend of the finest spices including black pepper and grains of paradise, complemented by cassia bark, cardamom and coriander add the complexity and balance to create an unbeatable drinking experience. A complex array of spice notes on the nose, led by the hard peppers and underpinned by cinnamon notes from the cassia bark. An eastern style London Dry, the Spice gin produces complex spicy notes with hints of cinnamon. The unique and bespoke flavours coat the mouth and tongue with the convivial appeal, finishing smoothly. The complexity and smoothness of the Spice gin make it easy to enjoy neat on the rocks.

Ginologist Summer Cup Small Batch

A fruity, strawberry led, low alcohol gin liqueur. Modelled as a Pimms, the Ginologist Summer Cup is perfect on a hot day mixed in a big jug with lemon/lime and soda, topped with ice and sliced fruit. Yummy!!