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Hope Brewery

Hope Brewery IPA

Assertive American style ale IPA. Big, bold, citrus, pine and tropical fruit characters balanced against a solid malt backbone and big bitterness. 6.0% ABV | 70 IBU | 18 EBC

Hope Brewery Pineapple Sour

Can't get no satisfaction? Send your tastebuds wild with this new world Berliner Weisse beer. A delightful combination of sour beer and pineapples that is super refreshing and strangely satisfying. This lighter style sour packs intense flavours with pleasant tropical aromas.

Hope Brewery Tropical NEIPA

It's your favourite summer holiday brewed into a beer! Super fresh cloudy NEIPA, with strong pineapple aromas. Big tropical flavours dominate with no bitterness in sight for a chilled out session.

Pale Ale

This authentic, Australian and award-winning Pale Ale is the ultimate Summer quencher! Full of fruit driven flavours and aromas with a mild bitterness making it an enjoyable, delicious and refreshing beer.

Hope Brewery XPA

Bold aromatic and fruity American Pale Ale Tropical fruit, citrus, toffee and malt flavour and aromas are dominant and rounded off with solid bitterness that is typical to the style. 4.7% ABV | 30 IBU | 14 EBC