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Hunter Distillery

Hunter Distillery Copperwave Distilled Gin

Copperwave distilled Gin follows the classic London Dry style. Made from certified organic spirit, and complex combination of botanicals and extracts, cardamon, coriander, juniper berries and nutmeg, together with virgin rainwater from the Hunter Valley, Australia.

Hunter Distillery Strawberry Liqueur

A beautiful perfumed strawberry liqueur, very drinkable. Enjoy straight up, or in a cocktail.

Hunter Distillery Turkish Delight Liqueur

Hunter Distillery Turkish Delight is an exquisite rosewater flavoured liqueur, reminiscent of the traditional powder dusted Turkish Delight.Enjoy as a sweet dessert drink on ice, in a cocktail, or over ice cream.

Hunter Distillery Honeydew Melon Liqueur

The tropical aroma and refreshing taste of pure Honeydew Melon.Enjoy neat on ice, with soda water or Sprite, or with our Coconut Rum Liqueur to make an Illusion, or orange juice and Grenadine to make a Honeydew Sunrise.

Hunter Distillery Passionfruit Liqueur

Hunter Distillery Passionfruit Liqueur is a delicious tropical/summery drink with a refreshing tang at the end. Reminiscent of Pasito or Passiona. Enjoy neat on ice, bubble up with soda or lemonade, or have with juice.

Hunter Distillery Urszula Honey Vodka

Solid honey aroma, with sugary light honey and spiced fruit notes. Rounded, mouth-filling honey taste, almost cloying, pronounced sweetness balanced against the spirit. Very long finish, pleasant fruity/spiced honey after-taste lingers. Light honey yellow to burnished orange colour with a slightly viscous, natural honey haze throughout. Solid honey aroma, with sugary dark honey and spiced fruit notes. Great served on ice with a squeeze of lemon.

Hunter Distillery Hazelnut Liqueur

Hunter Distillery Hazelnut Liqueur has a delightfully pure hazelnut flavour and beautifully smooth texture.Enjoy neat on ice, or use as the perfect addition in cocktails, especially with chocolate.

Hunter Distillery Chocolate Vodka

Hunter Distillery Chocolate Vodka is an amazing blend of Hunter Distillerys world renowned Premium Organic Vodka with intense dark chocolate, creating a spirit that has a bitter dark chocolate aroma and a long bitter chocolate taste with a notable spirit finish.

Hunter Distillery Ginger Liqueur

Hunter Distillery Ginger Liqueur is prepared with the Finest Australian Natural Ginger. Highly perfumed ginger nose, with a smooth and velvety ginger pallete. A pure and natural taste sensation.Enjoy straight over ice, or with a Ginger inspired Vodka Martini.

Hunter Distillery Lychee Liqueur

A stunning Lychee Liqueur. Fantastic neat on ice, over fruit salad, or for Lychee Martinis.