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Keller Riesling Hubacker GG

Keller Limestone Riesling

The fruit for this wine is sourced from Kellers GG (Grosses Gewächs, or Grand Cru) vineyard. Picked early, this wine comes from green harvested fruit. The level of residual sugar is elevated here, but the acidity needs and, demands it. The chalky, powdery limestone minerality, in sync with the acidity, creates a profound and memorable palate experience and a stage for a mouthwatering pop, pop, pop of green apple and citrus. Moreish isnt the word.

Keller Trocken Riesling

Call it what you will: an introductory, entry-level wine. This Riesling Trocken is the default go-to wine in the Keller portfolio. Purity, presence and priceit ticks all the boxes. Pear in abundance, citrus, apple blossom and chalky limestone makes this a very impressive introduction to Keller. With a fruit palate that never gets tropical or flat, Klaus-Peter shows us his true talent in this wine.

Keller Frauenberg Grosse Gewachs Spatburgunder

KELLER Frauenberg Grosse Gewachs Spatburgunder, Rheinhessen The Keller Frauenberg Grosse Gewachs Spatburgunder from Rheinhessen is a top-tier German Pinot Noir. This wine reflects the unique Frauenberg vineyard and the precision of Keller's viticulture. The Spatburgunder grape, attentively cultivated by Keller, presents a blend of red fruit flavours, subtle oak, and a touch of earthiness in a well-balanced profile. The wine offers a smooth structure and a lasting, velvety finish, showcasing Keller's commitment to quality winemaking.

Keller Abts Erde Riesling