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Kellermeister Barossa Vineyards Shiraz

Kellermeister's Barossa Vineyards Shiraz has been crafted with immediate enjoyment in mind. Showcasing freshness, richness, generosity of flavour and vivacity of fruit, the unique regional and varietal characteristics are certainly evident in this wine. Great for everyday drinking, the Shiraz is ideal on its own but will also pair nicely to a range of red meats or cheeses.

Kellermeister The Meister Eden Valley Shiraz

Shiraz doesn't get much better than this! The 2016 Meister was rated 99 points / Best of the Best Shiraz by James Halliday in the 2020 Wine Companion and showcases the pinnacle of what can be done in the Eden Valley with this variety. The accolades and wine critics reviews say all that needs to be said. Powerful and balanced.

Kellermeister Rocamora Ancestor Vine Grenache

Grapes vinified from one of the world's oldest Grenache vineyards, planted circa 1868 at the Stonegarden Vineyard, Eden Valley. Matured in 100% fine French oak for two years and bottled unfiltered and unfined. Limited production.

Kellermeister Wild Witch Shiraz

Kellermeister's Wild Witch has garnered a cult following over the past years due to the brooding, rich, full-bodied and limited nature of the Barossa classic. The inky, viscous, foreboding black fruit is sourced from low-yielding, dry grown vineyards specially selected for producing the very best Kellermeister can get their hands on. Resting for two years in the finest French oak to really develop its flavour and character. Almost 'magical'.

Kellermeister Alicante Bouchet Rosé

Kellermeister Alicante Bouchet is an exotic and unique red-fleshed grape variety which produces a bright refreshing wine bursting with flavours of ripe fresh berries balanced with a hint of sweet spice. The perfect accompaniment to lazy weekend afternoons by itself, or with spicy and aromatic flavours, seafood, or piquant salads. Chill well and enjoy!

Kellermeister Black Sash Shiraz

This wine is a memorial to the majestic old vines which were tragically uprooted from their Barossa Valley earth during the infamous Vine Pull scheme of the 1980s. Our century old estate vineyard bears the name Black Sash and pays tribute to the survivors those vines which serve as a living reminder of the value of resilience in the face of adversity and the relevance of tradition in an environment of constant change . This evocative wine captures this spirit. It has been handcrafted with the use of traditional methods from the fruit of old vines and delivers a rich, opulent palate, a fleshy core of dark fruit sweetness and a finish of superb length.

Kellermeister Sable

Kellermeister Sable is the luxurious chocolate liqueur made by one of the Barossa Valley's finest. With a base of Ruby Tawny that has been steeped in dark chocolate, cinnamon clove spices and three year old brandy spirit, Kellermeister Sable is an experience of elegance and lingering pleasure. Suited perfectly to accompany your coffee or in the warmer months try it chilled. Decadent!