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Koval Distillery

Koval Barreled Gin

Koval Whiskey Gift 3 Pack

KOVAL's line of single-barrel, grain-forward aged spirits have a way of pleasing every type of whiskey lover. Not quite sure how to choose? The KOVAL Whiskey Trio Gift Pack provides all three of KOVAL's most popular whiskeys in 200ml format, for a chance to try a little bit of everything. Includes 200ml versions of KOVAL Millet, KOVAL Rye and KOVAL Four Grain

Koval Bourbon Whiskey

Koval Four Grain Whiskey

Initial sweet malt with creamy, banana notes. Appealing grainy cereal aromas are followed by fresh American oak and hints of liquorice allsorts. The palate delivers spicy fruit-cake flavours with pie crust, cinnamon, and sticky dried fig. Finishes spicy with a maple-y sweetness.

Koval Millet Whiskey

Aromas of vanilla and star anise, with a subtle smokiness to it. Quite light and delicate, with apple and ginger notes coming through on the second pass. The palate has more of a caramel tone to it, with allspice and cereal notes, and a slight sweetness to it. The finish is clean and warm, with a dry, smoky character.

Koval Cranberry Gin Liqueur