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Manly Spirits

Manly Spirits Watermelon Lychee Vodka & Soda

A refreshing vodka soda partnered with the ultimate summer duo; juicy watermelon & sweet lychee. No added sugar, low calories, all the flavour. A balanced blend of Manly Spirits Native Lime Vodka, distilled on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, paired with a touch of native River mint and splashings of sparkling soda. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a sprig of mint to garnish. Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip.

Manly Spirits Rainforest Lime with Finger Lime Vodka & Soda

A classic Vodka Soda with a burst of native Aussie limes. No added sugar, low calories, all the flavour. We traded our thongs for rainforest boots to hunt down Australia's weirdest and most wonderful native limes to give this vodka soda the punchy lime kick it deserves. And these rainforest & finger limes dont disappoint! A delicious concoction of our Northern Beaches distilled vodka paired with (you guessed it!) native limes, a light sprinkle of fresh mint and lengthened with sparkling soda that just hits the spot on a warm summers day. We could go on let your tastebuds be the judge. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or pour over ice & add a slice of lime to garnish (or real-life finger lime if you're feeling fancy!). Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip.

Manly Spirits Berry Blush Gin & Tonic

A light Gin & Tonic with all the good stuff and none of the guilt. No added sugar, low Calories, all The Flavour. A berry-fied fusion of our classic Manly Spirits Australian Dry Gin and a punchy blend of wild blackberries, tropical hibiscus flowers and Australian native Lemon Myrtle leaf, paired with a gently sparkling tonic. Enjoy chilled straight from this bespoke glass bottle or serve over ice & garnish with any berries that spark your senses! Experience Nature in a Bottle with just one sip

Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin

Manly Spirits Coastal Citrus Gin brings a flavourful citrus forward option for Gin fans everywhere. There is a strong focus on Australian Native botanicals as well as a coastal focus with the use of locally foraged Sea Parsley. Perfect for a unique twist on a G&T, an outstanding Negroni, or to bring something special to any Gin based cocktail.

Manly Spirits Lilly Pilly Pink Gin

This fruity pink gin with its all natural raspberry infused pink hue has been handcrafted for pure tastebud delight. The zero-sugar pink recipe allows for a balanced gin that isnt overly sweet, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail or the health conscious gin lover.With a classic juniper forward nose. The palate is balanced with soft raspberry notes, leading to a dry earthy finish from the Native Limes and Blood Orange.

Manly Spirits Pink Gin & Tonic

Manly Spirits Zesty Limoncello

True to its name our mouth-watering Zesty Limoncello combines a traditional family recipe passed down through generations from the Amalfi coast with some of our favourite foraged Australian botanicals to leave your mouth perfumed with a zesty sherbet finish. Only using carefully selected thick perfumed lemons grown at an orchard on the central coast, north of Sydney, we hand peel them, being most particular to avoid the bitter pith. Infusion of the peel into the smooth grain spirit cannot be rushed. After a month the citrus oils combine with the native botanical distillates of Lemon Aspen and Lemon Myrtle to give birth to a flavour-blend of bitter-sweet grapefruit and lime with a hint of honey and eucalyptus.

Manly Spirits Grape & Grain Vodka

A pure crisp vodka crafted from grape & three grains, adding a subtle grain complexity without losing the purity & smoothness of a classic premium vodka. Manly Spirits Co Distillery, located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney have added their artisan signature, with sea minerals & pure water filtered through coastal sandstone. A vodka distilled with a balance of viscosity, body and vibrancy. Versatile & delicious, enjoy chilled neat or in your favourite cocktail.

Coastal Stone Xplore Australian Blended Whisky

A smooth rich whisky with Vanilla and Tropical fruit flavours and a hint of delicate spice as a top note. The perfect whisky to just relax with.

Manly Spirits Marine Botanical Vodka

Manly Spirits Marine Botanical Vodka is distilled like a Gin, without the use of any Juniper. This has resulted in an incredibly smooth Vodka that is absolutely reflective of the ocean and Australian beach culture. Locally foraged Beach Cast Kelp and Sea Parsley keep the ingredients list simple but flavourful. This Botanical Vodka is truly special, and truly Australian.